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In the mean time, talks among your selves.

K-A-L-E AND S-p-i-n-a-c-h

That's right kids, I eat it with 99% of the stuff I make.....

 Do I LOVE it and I am excited as the fat kid above to eat it??? NO, BUT I do anyways because I have to eat vegetables every day, AT LEAST that's what EVERYONE says. I freeze it, put it in a blender and mix it in with what I am eating, mashed potatoes, rice, hamburger helper, ETC... KRIPES, I EVEN grow the stuff year round in my little garden (spring) or on the window sill in my kitchen (winter)...

  Any farmers, or wanna be's like Boike, might not agree with the way I grow it but it seems to work......So there you go and remember, I am not a farmer and have NEVER claimed to be, but I did look FINE on a tractor!!!

 In other news, I have FINALLY finished my chimney so I don't get a huge cloud of smoke when the winds blowing and water from rain is not an issue.

 And I downloaded and use now. so there is no need for someone to proofread. I wanna thanks to Ms. Kate K. for ALWAYS proofreading my b…

Delivering the GOODS!

This new part time gig I have is going good and I have A LOT of time to ponder. Here are just a few of my thoughts:

There is this gated community (GREAT tippers) off of a road named Possum Hollow Rd. I can only image the conversation between a resident there and his/her friend. Person 'A'- "Hey there! I have not seen you in like 20 years! We need to catch up! Can you come over to my place for dinner? Person 'B'- "that would be great, give me directions and my family and I will be there." Person 'A'- Well it's right off of Possum Hollow Rd. and NO it's not a trailer park!"I have made some deliveries to neighborhood pools and MAN! They are more than I remember! KRIPES, a slide and a diving board was what made your pool stand out from the others. Now they have water slides and all kinds of goodies. I rarely get an irate customer. Sure working with the public can suck but. All you have to do is ask them about their dog/cat that usually …


NO!!! That was not her name but we did name a DR.PEPPER promotional blow up raft our friend in high school brought out to the lake. Let's get back on track, OKIE DOKIE!?!?!?!

 My neighbors and I were hanging out on DA ODE TO BOOB (AKA- my fire pit) and they were talking about having a boat and the fun they would have. This sent me in a "reminiscing" mood and I decided to write ANOTHER part of my life that was VERY GOOD to me!!!!! Let's start from the beginning shall we?

The Thunderbird tri hull AKA 'cirrhosis of the river ':

 Not sure who named it that but, Boike bought an old Thunderbird TRI HULL boat. He bought the thing when it was just held up by Styrofoam blocks NO trailer! HA!!! He told me that he bought it for $500!! FYI! We got more than $500 out of it!!! TRUST ME!!! We didn't care that it had no seats, just a Styrofoam block to sit on when driving. We didn't care if the back where the outboard motor was, had to be reinforced with metal rods …


To blog this month. I just let too many things pile up on me and I CANNOT stop thinking about them: Turned 44, am I doing the right thing with the going back to school thing, my future health "issues", $ issues" (even though I have plenty, I STILL freak out about it), etc. JUST stupid stuff that is called LIFE! ANYWAYS, I will just leave you with this.

 This is one of my FAVORITE songs EVVVVVVVER! Reminds me of being a care free kid and not having so many thing to worry about.

Don't worry, this will pass and I will be back on my feet again. Talk to you next month.

Love/ Hate

First of all, Love/Hate's album was one of the BEST "raunchy" albums EVVVVVVER. ANYWAYS, I love binge watching home improvement shows! Even though I KNOW how they work. I wasn't a TV/RADIO production major for nothing! It starts with introducing the subject of the show, EX. A couple. Next they add DRAMA to the project like how the contractor found (INSERT ISSUE HERE) and that it is above their budget. The ending consists of everyone being HAPPY and all is well! I still yell at the TV: "I can do that", "That's too much"or "Honey, MAKE DUE with what you've got and be patient, pay for stuff when you have the $". KRIPES, I have ALWAYS been that way, when I was a kid and watching car shows, they did the same thing. MAKE IT DRAMATIC! That is the FIRST thing they teach you when you are a TV/RADIO communications major. "Sell the sizzle not just the steak." AHHHHHH R.I.P Mr. Rickles!

 This SORTA leads me to this.... I was on T…


When I worked at Wells Fargo and I handled subprime loans, the best example of my theory of that there are two types of people in the world: RENTERS and OWNERS, was unclogging a toilet. If you could handle the fact that YOU had to fix it NOT call a freakin' landlord than YOU could handle the whole 'homeowner thing'.

 I am not going to go 'FULL BLOWN T.M.I' on ya so I will just say that my eating habits have not changed but I STILL had to flush the toilet a few times when I....... SOOOOOOOOO I went under the house and 'snaked out' the pipe from the toilet to the septic tank, fyi- that sewer pipe STUUUUUUUNK! Then I took the toilet off and cleaned off the wax seal and replaced with this.

 I am happy to report that all is OKIE DOKIE now! It flushes like a champ now! My bowel movements and I am very happy with this! I am ecstatic I could share this with you.

In OTHER news:

  HA! But seriously, I do like trees even though my elderly neighbor asked me "yo…

Pot Belly Pig (NO, not really!)

But POT BELLY is in the name... Let me explain. They use to have POT BELLY wood stoves in railroad stations and cabooses. I asked Boike to be on the lookout for one and being the SMART @$$ he is, he wanted me to buy a whole caboose and put it in my backyard. So I did the next best thing. Here ya go DUDEZILLA!
 My friend Kaye up in Erie, PA had one just sitting outside and she gave it to me. Here is some time lapse videos for ya of me wire brushing an painting it. ENJOY!

 Jimmy, my cool neighbor, came over and helped me install the through the wall chimney.

 Don't worry Mert and Lynn, It's a triple layered thru the wall one. It's NOT a freakin' pipe that Jimmy and I put through the freakin' wall. ANYWAYS, thanks to the fine folks at McBride Building supply (no I am not kin) and Home Depot, I can now enjoy my morning JOE (coffee) without freezing my butt off in the back room.

 OH and don't worry mom and ALL of the mothers out there. I have these too.

 Now tha…