Sunday, March 14, 2010


Tired of this?

And ready for this?

Now that we have this 'SPRING greetings thing' out of the way, I want to give you an update on the SWEET @$$ Playboy mugs that I use with pride to drink my PBR!

ATTENTION! FOR THE LOVE OF BABY JESUS! DO NOT CLICK ON THIS IF YOU DO NOT LIKE BAD LANGUAGE! Dennis Hopper drops the 'F' bomb in it! If ya do then turn the volume down on you computer and don't say I didn't warn ya! That's SOOOO tempting isn't it??? CLICK ON IT! DO IT! Just call me Lucifer! Let's get back on track, I spoke with Pops about how he obtained these SWEEEEEEET holders of the nectar of the Gods and he explained to me that Playboy kinda had a 'frequent customer' program and he and his buddy, who I am named after, went to several clubs including 'Bean Town' Boston, St. Louis and Chicago. Playboy rewarded customers who visited clubs around the country and they also rewarded them for buying certain drinks. My reaction to this was "How many drinks did you have to buy because these babies are SWEET and are pretty sturdy.... So when you said that you bought drinks, is that another way of saying "I bought drinks for the WHOLE club because I really wanted those glasses." And like my father can only say "No, you keep jumping to conclusions. All the Playboy Clubs offered the mugs with the purchase of certain drinks. Souvenir drink mugs!" So there ya go!!! Straight from the horse's mouth........

I have a story for ya so sit back and enjoy. "Four score and seven years ago" KIDDING! It wasn't that long ago... The truck, you know the one,
Well my baby has like 130K and while heading to the new Aldi, which is really nice, she started to stutter and misfire. When my grandpa passed away, I got his trimmer. The thing was pretty old and took leaded gas as well as an oil mixture. Well after practically 'throwing' out my arm trying to start the thing, I gave up BUT I had a gas can full of leaded gas and I wasn't sure what to do with it. SOOOOOO I emailed Mr. Michael J. Boike and he said "just put it into the truck and then add some new gas to it so it all mixes. It won't hurt anything. I do it all the time in all of my vehicles." So when the thing started to sputter and buck, I took it to the Ford dealer right down the road from me. When they called, I asked point blank if it was due to Boike TELLING me to put in that gas mixture and I was kinda disappointed that it WASN'T due to that. I sooooo wanted to blame him! So after doing my part in stimulating the local economy, I got my truck back in time to 1. Load it up with all the wood I would need to make a HUGE bon fire.

and other stuff for my brother's FREAKIN' 40th birthday!!! 40!!!!! MY GOD!

2. start cleaning up the back woods and burning all the CRAPPY little trees/ dead ones and burning them!!! FIRE RULES!!!!!

Ok so I really don't need the truck to do that BUT it is pretty cool to sit on the tail gait and watch the fire.

After, almost 5 years, I knew that one day I would have neighbors behind me. SO I finally am doing something about it, I have had help from Boxcar Willie, My friend Adam, Marvella, my chain saw, a sawz-all and a BITCHIN' fire that I have had going for the past two weeks. You see, when you live out in the 'country' you can do stuff like that without your neighbors calling the police and/or fire dept. on ya! To start it back up all ya need is:
  • A leaf blower your pops gave you BACK IN THE DAY!
  • Find the 'hot coals' and just add forced air from the blower and some small sticks that you have an abundance of and let it RIDE!

As if I didn't spend enough on the truck, I also installed a new radio because that 'crapped' out on me too!!!!! WHAT THE!?!?!?!?!? I guess when you drive a Honda you expect things to ALWAYS work, no matter how many miles....

This is a GREAT OPPORTUNITY to get on my soap box! I have been accused of being cheap on my use of money. I believe in living below your means so when stuff does happen it's not like "QUICK! HIT THE PANIC BUTTON BECAUSE THE CAR NEEDS REPAIRS AND WE DON'T HAVE THE MONEY TO FIX THEM!".... I like just shrugging my shoulders and saying "the truck needs some work so I guess I'll need to dip in the 'rainy day fund' and get it fixed. No biggie". Cash is the way to go folks! I liken credit card companies to the evil empire in Star Wars! There ya go! I just gave ya the same advise your grandma would with one exception! I kept my teeth in! HA!!!!! Alright, so that last line I took from this guy, who I feel is RIGHT!

Let's see!?!?! What else is going on at casa de McBride!?!?! OH YEAH! The bitchin' CHOPS are back for a limited time only!!! I started growing them for Gold Cup up in VA.....

I was asked to have them in full force when I get up there by one freakin' person! That's enough of an excuse for me to grow them. I have found that 99.9% of all FEMALES hate them and they have no problem telling me how they feel about them... Most guys love them and I have a theory on this, which means it is not FACT so don't email me and tell me that I am not telling the truth, they live vicariously through me because I DO NOT have a wife or girlfriend telling me what to do. This is what I have observed over the years! AGAIN!!! THIS IS NOT FACT!


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