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DA anatomy of a blog entry

I ALWAYS revert back to Ms. Kautz' class in 1985 and start with a rough draft of ideas that I have pondered, usually during my 'moment of Zen' AKA 'PICKING ROCKS'! HA!!!! Some have the bottle, a pipe or a TV to 'veg out' in front of to cope with things we alllllllll have to deal with; an @$$ clown at work, AHHH H@LL anything there, relationships, money, choices... The list goes on. I have ROCKS! I just throw on some old clothes, work gloves, knee pads and put my iTouch to 'shuffle'. I then pick rocks that I can use for one of the many projects I have going on at casa de McBride1. Being that I really don’t have a deadline per se, I work on the topic, adding stuff, grammatically fixing for weeks, months, sometimes even years!!! I look at it like a virtual diary that the nurses at the old folks home can go to and put me in front of so I can reminisce about stuff I use to do. I forgot about this until BUBBY, a GUY I work with, sent me his wife's blo…