Thursday, May 01, 2014

DA anatomy of a blog entry

 I ALWAYS revert back to Ms. Kautz' class in 1985 and start with a rough draft of ideas that I have pondered, usually during my 'moment of Zen' AKA 'PICKING ROCKS'! HA!!!! Some have the bottle, a pipe or a TV to 'veg out' in front of to cope with things we alllllllll have to deal with; an @$$ clown at work, AHHH H@LL anything there, relationships, money, choices... The list goes on. I have ROCKS! I just throw on some old clothes, work gloves, knee pads and put my iTouch to 'shuffle'. I then pick rocks that I can use for one of the many projects I have going on at casa de McBride1. Being that I really don’t have a deadline per se, I work on the topic, adding stuff, grammatically fixing for weeks, months, sometimes even years!!! I look at it like a virtual diary that the nurses at the old folks home can go to and put me in front of so I can reminisce about stuff I use to do. I forgot about this until BUBBY, a GUY I work with, sent me his wife's blog. I think a blog is about YOU and your interests and thoughts. Kelly blogs about some stuff I really don't care too much about BUT that's OKIE DOKIE with me because it's HIS blog DANG NABBIT!!!! Anyways, I then send it to a proof reader, FYI I’m on my third one! My first was Steph and she would ‘suggest’ I add stuff that made me think “who would EVER think I actually said that?” Then there was Amanda who went M.I.A on me, rumor has it that she went on one of her ‘EVERYONE NEEDS TO BREAST FEED’ tangents and has never come back. HA!!!!!! My old friend the MS. KATE in Portland, OR does it for me. I send it to her via email, she looks it over and highlights punctuation errors and misspellings. Sure there might be something’s that you will look at and say, “That soooooooooo doesn’t look right” BUT you can see me saying something like that and that’s what I am ALWAYS going for. Through the years my mother has even volunteered to be a proofreader, “THANKS but I am good mom”. There are quite a few items that I have written where I can see her saying “Andrew?  Is that something you really need to tell people?” HA!!!! Her rules would be: 1. DON’T say anything that MIGHT embarrass ME or someone in our family. 2. Don’t be mean. 3. DID I MENTION, DON’T say anything that might embarrass me or someone in our family. Well that's happened A LOT soooooooooooo I think we are TOOOOOOOOOOO late!!! My favorite line EVVVVVVVER was when she said, "ANDREW, I can't believe you wrote that, I can ONLY image what your great uncle Bernie thinks." Between you and me, I think he laughs and like most people just shakes his head. In the past, I have published an entry BEFORE a project I have been working on is completed BUT I really don't like doing that. I feel I am TEASING you like a prom date!!!! I want the job to be complete before I blabber to you about it. When this happens, I always have a back up entry ready to go if needed. I think of it as my PLAN 'B'!! FYI, I LOVE 'back up' plans! OH and in case you were wondering, these are just a couple of the projects that I have used all the gravel I have picked in my ZEN MOMENT!

Sorry this post is short, but I didn't do too much to casa de McBride due to having to deal with some crazy stuff happening at work and it raining A LOT!! I have thoughts on this BUT I will keep them to myself because the last time I checked, CHICKS like guys with a job and NOT laying on their couch watching daytime TV.

OH and don't think you are the first, NOR will you be the last person that is PI$$ed at me for NOT playing your mind games!!! Been there, done that and I got the T-shirt....  

1. This is an old picture because the digital camera I used for these kind of shots died and I am soooooooooooooooooooooo too cheap to buy another one! HA!!!


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