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****** I am sooooooooo sorry to the 4 people that read this but I have found out that installing back splash is NATAS (SATAN spelled backwards) plus getting stung by some yellow jackets didn't help either!! Those little bastards are no more thanks to a can of RAID!!!! ANYWAYS, this WAS supposed to be posted on 9-1-12, so without further ado here it is.....******
KITCHEN Version 2.0!!!

Being that I live alone and I'm NEVER in a RUSH, great band, to get stuff done and I have a committee that consists of three people: ME, MYSELF and I, The kitchen DEMO and remodel has been going on for the past two years as you can tell by some of the pictures that have dates. I have been sidetracked and had to pay for other stuff, like a new roof after a FORMER acquaintance screwed me over, and SERIOUSLY You would PUKE if you knew what a freakin' cat scan and some blood work was AFTER your insurance paid their part and acted like it was NOT in their freakin' NETWORK!!!! KRIPES!!! I'l…