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Being that it's been 10 years (9/9/01) since my little stint in WI., I decided to repost this for ya, If you've already read it when I posted it last year then I will need ya to put on your 'BIG BOY britches' and suck it up until next month when I promise I'll have a new entry for ya, CROSS MY HEART! I did add some BONUS info (it's in red). I'm like an old CD ya had when you where a kid except it has bonus features! HA Remember when 'BONUS tracks' meant, CRAP not good enough for the album?????

Sorry y'all but I haven't done too much to casa de McBride this month due to having been stricken with S.A.R.S/swine flu/malaria with a little touch of scurvy... Which in turn, caused me NOT to stretch and work out every morning. The result- a pulled muscle in my back AND tearing a tendon in my hand trying to overcompensate for NOT being able move around. Plus being told by a fine young lady up in WI. that WYLIE,

a pupper that I thought more of then mos…