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NO!!! That was not her name but we did name a DR.PEPPER promotional blow up raft our friend in high school brought out to the lake. Let's get back on track, OKIE DOKIE!?!?!?!

 My neighbors and I were hanging out on DA ODE TO BOOB (AKA- my fire pit) and they were talking about having a boat and the fun they would have. This sent me in a "reminiscing" mood and I decided to write ANOTHER part of my life that was VERY GOOD to me!!!!! Let's start from the beginning shall we?

The Thunderbird tri hull AKA 'cirrhosis of the river ':

 Not sure who named it that but, Boike bought an old Thunderbird TRI HULL boat. He bought the thing when it was just held up by Styrofoam blocks NO trailer! HA!!! He told me that he bought it for $500!! FYI! We got more than $500 out of it!!! TRUST ME!!! We didn't care that it had no seats, just a Styrofoam block to sit on when driving. We didn't care if the back where the outboard motor was, had to be reinforced with metal rods …