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Great movie and also a gem of a song from Iron Maiden....... Actually I should say 'Where creepy things dare'!!!! Say hello to the "Andy trying to save more money" project. I'm insulating all the pipes under the house. I know, I know, I MIGHT save 3 cents over the next 20 years but it makes me feel good thinking I am energy conscious. Don't look now but this might be a project down the road.... Al Gore would be soooooooooo proud of me...... If I really cared what that hypocrite thinks.... OK so let me get off my political soap box and tell you all the fun I had in crawl space.

I have been procrastinating this forever!!! Not as much as the ditch project but it's pretty close. Here's my reason........ I hate surprises!!! As in snakes and big spiders. I waited for a nice cold night, 29 degrees to be exact, to kill off any spiders and slow down any snake that could lunge at me. Cold weather slows them down because of the whole co…