Thursday, October 18, 2007


So I made a decision not to write a blog entry until I finished the ditch.... Well that didn't happen!!! It still is....... Shall we say, unfinished!!!!

I couldn't stand it! I had to keep all five of you updated on what's been happening in my neck of the woods. So let's see..... It has been since July since my last entry..... A lot has changed!!!!! HE HE HE HE!! Not really.......

Not sure if you saw this BUT the college I went to, Appalachian State University, pronounced Ah-pah-latch-an, beat Michigan in probably one of the greatest upsets in college football!!! Don't believe me?????? Check out the score board!!!

What a great day!!!!! The football Gods have been good to me the last couple of years, ASU has won back to back championships and beat Michigan, the most successful football program in the USA. Still waiting for the Bills to win 2 straight games but I guess they need to take baby steps and just lead a quarter of a game!!!!

I'm in my 'fire sale' mode right now.... It all started when I was in one of the spare closets and found all my old stereo equipment. WELL!!! I stood there and pondered what to do with it all... Do I donate it all to Good Will ? Then the shrewd business man in me said, "DUDE!!! Don't give it away!!!! Put this stuff on Ebay and sell it for some money!". So I proceeded to put it all for auction on Ebay. Heck some of the stuff I don't think works anymore.... BUT I'LL BE DAMNED if the stuff didn't sell in the first 24 hours I put it up!!!!! I had an old Tivo that didn't work anymore and I wrote in the description that it didn't and it still sold in 2 hours!!! The bidding wars are a riot!!!!! The last 1/2 hour of an auction is amazing!!!! The price of your item almost certainly triples with everyone bidding on it!!!!! HELLO $$$$$$$$$$$$$$. I'm at the point where I have almost sold everything... I have some speakers that I will throw on there tonight...

What am I doing with the money you ask????? Well, I have my eye on a mail order bride from Romania!!!!!! I just have to shave her back when she gets over here... KIDDING!!!!!! I'm saving the money for a big LCD HDTV, DVD/surround sound system, Nintendo Wii, new HD Tivo. Basically a new entertainment center!!!!! WOO H

All the McBrides are doing great.... We had a family picture taken by my cousin who's a professional photographer.... PLEASE give her work!!! She needs a place to live!! She is currently living in a van down by the river!!!!

I had some great friends from WI come down for the BofA 500....

The whole Haver clan Andy, Deanna, Scott, Eve, Holly, Natalie, Heidi, Mitch, Eric, Megan and both sets of grand parents are the BEST!!!! They took good care of me in a very bad part of my life and I will never forget that!!! Dare I say, they are one of the few things that were good that came out of that whole debacle! Ask me about the FUN FUN FUN I had up there when I am three sheets in the wind..... That's the only time I will talk about it!!! HE HE HE HE HE HE!!! Pretty healthy huh?????

Let's see..... I know there's more things.....

  • Spent WAY TOO MUCH money when I went up to Boone to get some ASU gear.
  • At work I have talked some some very 'interesting' people on the phone. There is a reason why they are called 'sub prime' borrowers
  • Bought a brand new Tivo at Big Lots for $70 BUCKS!!!! I was so excited I almost peed my pants in aisle 9!!!!
  • Was told I talk funny
  • Remember the 'McBride' expressway????? You know, the path I built in my back yard to the dump and race track????

Well they are clearing the land back there for some houses and the old guy that was
clearing it stopped by and had a chat with me... He said that there is a reason that he has a
no trespassing sign up. I think I got the point and immediately halted all operations on the
  • Bailey stayed with me a weekend and I spoiled the heck out of her!!!! Instead of one and 1/4 cups of food I gave her 2 cups!!! I'm soooooo bad!!!!

  • I had the unpleasant experience of having my colon checked by my doctor for my annual physical. "Using your whole fist there Doc?"

  • Had a little accident with the boat..... This is what happens when you don't pull up the trim all the way when you are taking the boat out of the water.....

The prop's in bad shape too!!!! I guess it's run it's course.... I had that thing rebuilt twice to save money... SHOCKER!

That's all for now y-all keep your feet on the ground and reachin' for the star!!!!


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