Friday, July 01, 2016

A little nugget of information for ya....

 I, Andy McBride, used to work at a machine shop named PMI when I lived in WI. 1999-2001, with the Haver brothers.

Andy H., me and Scott H..

 They taught me how to weld and all kinds of stuff that involved MACHINING! Y'all, I know the difference between welders and proper machining maintenance (use some sort of oil when drilling so the bit doesn't dull so fast...)

A step I made for when I was climbing in the back, usually in a tent.

Just a front trailer hitch to make it easier to move stuff around without trying to steer and move around stuff like my boat while looking in my mirrors. 

In WI and other states, you HAVE to have license plate in the front, So I made a holder that I could just put in my hitch.

So after about 13 years, the last time I was up there was 2003, I went and saw them... Here are some highlights and a couple lowlights.

  • I LOVE the Havers (Andy and Deanna). They were VERY good to me in some rough years.
  • I am soooooo glad to have seen how much PMI has grown... I saw it first- KRIPES just look where I stayed!

Spa De Haver
  • Scott H. is SUPER cool to hang out with in his office and just talk to!
  • The Haver kids Holly, Natalie, Heidi and Mitchell are pretty funny and ALL grown up! MY GOD!
Holly, Natalie, Heidi and Mitchell
  • Holly is getting her freakin' DOCTORATE in Bio Chemistry! The kid is gonna cure cancer!!!! I asked to cure spinal cerebellum ataxia too! I'm sick of falling and moving around like I am an 80 year old man.
  • Natalie just graduated 'beautician school' and gave me one of the best haircuts EVER! I can so tell people that she cut my hair after they see her on CNN's news segment about her whooping sweet business 'HAIR-PA-LOOZA' and the empire she has created!! GUYS, I think she will be the hair stylist to the RICH and FAMOUS in under 10 years.
  • Heidi is your typical teenager who is on snap chat ALL THE FREAKIN' TIME, 'borrows' her sister's cloths that she deems are cool and ALWAYS has some DRAMA she is dealing with in her life. She has like 1500 friends too!!! HELLO SOCIAL BUTTERFLY! She also has a great loud laugh like I do. FYI- people, a mile away, can tell when she laughs.
  • Mitchell is my buddy because my humor is very immature and he laughs at the stupid stuff I say and I SAY A LOT!!! Oh and DUDE, I KNOW 'pizza-pa-looza 2016' was a huge success, who cares if the whole house smelled like a camp fire.
  • Spent some time with Kathy K. (my ex girlfriend's mom) and she was so happy I came by to say hi. She is such a sweet heart. We sat around and chatted for a few hours.
  • Andy H. was going to fly me to St. Cloud, MN but you know that one person we all work with that needs their hand held ALL THE TIME? WELL that person decided to have an EMERGENCY meeting with Andy. SO he was not able to fly me. Instead I drove to MN. and I had a Jeep and I was NOT impressed with it.... The list of things wrong with it could go on for a few hours but I will spare you. All I will say is, NO WONDER Consumer Reports has it on their 'DO NOT BUY' list. The only thing kinda cool about it was that when you stopped at a light or something, the engine would stop and start right back up when you pressed the gas pedal.
  • Was stopped by the PO PO for suspected DUI. Thank GOD I had a note from my DR. telling of my condition. I had to do a sobriety test and THANK GOD it is the same stuff my DR. has me do when he examines me. They also had me blow into a breathalyzer, which read 0.0... They had nothing on me after I blew zero so after an hour, they let me go. ANYWAYS, the whole thing really upset me because I LOATH what I am becoming! UGH! BUT Deanna H said something that she tells her son after a bad inning "Shake it off".
  • Stayed with the Dan and Melissa clan in St. Cloud, MN. They are so COOL!!! Sure we may not agree on EVERYTHING but I don't care because I LOVE hanging out with them. And for the 2nd straight year, their friend John, made me almost pee my pants with the funny stuff he would say.

 That's all I got for ya this month, This month, I will do my annual tour. I will tell you all about it next month along with a project I have been working on. SO STAY TUNED!

Oh and ALL employees of my former employer were given this book in 2008.... Coincidence???


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