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A little nugget of information for ya....

I, Andy McBride, used to work at a machine shop named PMI when I lived in WI. 1999-2001, with the Haver brothers.

 They taught me how to weld and all kinds of stuff that involved MACHINING! Y'all, I know the difference between welders and proper machining maintenance (use some sort of oil when drilling so the bit doesn't dull so fast...)

So after about 13 years, the last time I was up there was 2003, I went and saw them... Here are some highlights and a couple lowlights.

I LOVE the Havers (Andy and Deanna). They were VERY good to me in some rough years.I am soooooo glad to have seen how much PMI has grown... I saw it first- KRIPES just look where I stayed!
Scott H. is SUPER cool to hang out with in his office and just talk to!The Haver kids Holly, Natalie, Heidi and Mitchell are pretty funny and ALL grown up! MY GOD!Holly is getting her freakin' DOCTORATE in Bio Chemistry! The kid is gonna cure cancer!!!! I asked to cure spinal cerebellum ataxia too! I'm sick of falli…