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"Houston... That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind."
All this time I thoughtthe ditch would be the end of mebut with help from Boike, a rented Bobcat, a couple cases of the nectar of the Gods, PBR, and a good back bone I choke slammed the ditch into submission! This is not the first time the dynamic duel got together to fight the evil forces of the world!!! This was like 15 years ago at the love shack baby love shack, I mean the lake house. You show me someone that graduated from CCHS in 1992 and I will show you a person that took part in 'extra curriculum activities' down there..... Anyways, a big tree fell on it and we were commissioned by Mr and Mrs. Boike to tear it down and boy did we!!!!!

That's my truck at the time being used to knock a wall down. MMMMM To be young and care free again!!!!!

OK...... The first thing I had to do was have all the utility lines marked so we didn't accidentally rupture the gas line while diggi…