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ODE to 'Catholic Kate' AKA my mom!
Because without her pushing out 8.5 lbs. of me in front of a bunch medical students, I would NOT be here to entertain, pi$$ off, delight you- and it's her birthday!!! SERIOUSLY! She was born 1/1. Anyways, these are pictures she had in the attic AND FYI, you usually can find me there on Sundays when I am at casa de mama and papa McBride eating yummy dinner and drinking my 3 beers.

Kate Cawley 1947
Mary Catherine Cawley 6 months (1947)

 Kate and Cece Cawley

Katie 1961

Katie and Tom Cawley 1965
NO! They didn't go together! THEY AIN'T FROM WEST VIRGINIA!
Cece and Katie at Lake Michigan

New Years 1950 at Joe's. Katie's birthday, Jo, Mary and mom

Mary Catherine Cawley

Katie Cawley

Sherry, Mary Lou, Steve, Katie, Charlotte, Bonnie, George.

Bonnie Brinnie, Charlotte Church, Katie Cawley

Katie, Suzanne, Jennifer

Kevin, Tom, Pat and Katie Christmas 1969

Winter 1952  Cece, Mary Kay, Ellen Shaner, Annie Hogan And Phyllis Cole. Taken …