Wednesday, January 01, 2014

ODE to 'Catholic Kate' AKA my mom!

Because without her pushing out 8.5 lbs. of me in front of a bunch medical students, I would NOT be here to entertain, pi$$ off, delight you- and it's her birthday!!! SERIOUSLY! She was born 1/1. Anyways, these are pictures she had in the attic AND FYI, you usually can find me there on Sundays when I am at casa de mama and papa McBride eating yummy dinner and drinking my 3 beers.

Kate Cawley 1947

Mary Catherine Cawley 6 months (1947)

 Kate and Cece Cawley

Katie 1961

Katie and Tom Cawley 1965
NO! They didn't go together! THEY AIN'T FROM WEST VIRGINIA!
Cece and Katie at Lake Michigan

New Years 1950 at Joe's. Katie's birthday, Jo, Mary and mom

Mary Catherine Cawley

Katie Cawley

Sherry, Mary Lou, Steve, Katie, Charlotte, Bonnie, George.

Bonnie Brinnie, Charlotte Church, Katie Cawley

Katie, Suzanne, Jennifer

Kevin, Tom, Pat and Katie Christmas 1969

Winter 1952 
Cece, Mary Kay, Ellen Shaner, Annie Hogan And Phyllis Cole. Taken at Betty Shaner's.

Katie McBride, Cece Root, Mary Cawley

Katie and Cece Cawley 1960

Katie and Alex Christmas 1979

Cece and Katie 1948

Katie and Ron McBride

Katie + Marty, Clara Stilson

Katie and Ron McBride 1983

Katie 1962-63 school year

Catherine + Katie 1976 Dean St.

Charlotte and Bob Mead's wedding 1967

Katie + Norene

Katie + Ron McBride

Kate McBride at Mike McBride's house 8-2000

Katie McBride 'Boston on way to PLAYBOY CLUB' 1972

Katie and Jackie Fagaeri (SP)

Katie, Norene, Suzanne Shannon, Monica Crowley

Katie 1967

Cece, Katie and Tom 1951

Grandma Parmeter with Cece and Katie 1950

Katie, Norene, Tom Ferris, Tom Ford 1962

Katie's graduation party 1965
Becky Cawley, Caroline Cawley, Tom Cawley, Joe Wolcott, Kevin Cawley, Jo Richardson (IN CHAIR), Mary Cawley, Katie Cawley, Brian Jordan, Jim Cawley

 Katie Cawley, Brian Jordan, Debbie Dunsmore.
Baptismal Day 4-1966

Katie and Ron McBride 1/88

Katie, Cece, Tom? 1949

Ron + Katie Kamp 5-78

 Happy Katie!!!!!

Cece + Katie 1960

Party at Geo (SP) and Connie Bradley's 1971

Katie 1960

Cecelia Anne, Mary Catherine, Thomas Joseph, Nancy Kearne THE CAWLEY KIDS 1953

Ron and Katie McBride 1988


Katie and Pat Cawley (Charlotte Church's wedding 1967)

Katie Cawley showing of the EXCITING products that Hysol was introducing in 1968.
J. Carl Burke Studio 91 Willow Breeze Rd. Kenmore, N.Y.. Sorry kids but it's no longer there, I 'GOOGLED' it.

Mom, Katie and Kevin 1960

Kevin, Mary + Bob Cawley, Katie, Brian Jordan, Faye Slaven, Suzanne Torre
Katie's graduation party 6-1965

David Erickson 1986

Katie 4-1990

Katie and Rachel Pfeiffer on Lynda Kockler's back porch 7-92

The Katie Cawley photo shoot for Hysol in 1968


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