Wednesday, August 05, 2015

And so the saga continues!!!!

 I've been dreading this since I scheduled the appointment in JANUARY!!! YEAH, the waiting list to Duke Medical Center (they are the cream of the crop in medical) is that long!!! ANYWAYS!!! The 'uncertainty' is what has been driving me nuts!!!  Mrs. Boike and I went up there today, 8-5-15, to get another opinion about this stupid brain stuff going on in my head!!!!! So here is the running diary:

 Wednesday- WOO HOO!!! I just added this app to my phone and I am writing this from the waiting room BEEEEEEOTCHES!!! ANYWAYS, I am in the waiting room, hence the name, for my appointment... Mrs. BOIKE drove us up here in her sweet @$$ Prius!!!! Man and I thought the MPGS I got were good but DAAAAAAAAAAAMN!!! The trip up consisted of me nervously rambling about NOTHING!!!  POOR MRS. BOIKE HAD TO LISTEN TO THAT FOR 2 1/2 HOURS! ANYWAYS!!! I was examined by TWO DR.s AND let me tell ya, they DID NOT leave any stone unturned. We sat there for about an hour just asking and answering questions. Next was the physical examination... They watched EVERYTHING I did whether walking or just the way I talked and sat. They drew stuff on a piece of paper and asked that I draw the same thing they drew. AGAIN, VERY DETAILED! After all that, the older Dr. gave me his opinion, he said that I DO have spinal cerebellum ataxia but it's mild and with some 'adjustments' in my life, I can control it getting worse. THE MAIN THING he suggested was that I stop drinking. SURE THIS SUCKS FOR ME BUT you have to do what is best and I plan on doing it. BASICALLY, I DON'T have a choice. SO REPEAT AFTER ME, "ANDY CANNOT HAVE A BEER WITH ME!!!" "ANDY CANNOT HAVE A BEER WITH ME!!!" "ANDY CANNOT HAVE A BEER WITH ME!!!" "ANDY CANNOT HAVE A BEER WITH ME!!!" "ANDY CANNOT HAVE A BEER WITH ME!!!" "ANDY CANNOT HAVE A BEER WITH ME!!!" "ANDY CANNOT HAVE A BEER WITH ME!!!" "ANDY CANNOT HAVE A BEER WITH ME!!!" "ANDY CANNOT HAVE A BEER WITH ME!!!" "ANDY CANNOT HAVE A BEER WITH ME!!!" "ANDY CANNOT HAVE A BEER WITH ME!!!" "ANDY CANNOT HAVE A BEER WITH ME!!!" "ANDY CANNOT HAVE A BEER WITH ME!!!" "ANDY CANNOT HAVE A BEER WITH ME!!!" "ANDY CANNOT HAVE A BEER WITH ME!!!" "ANDY CANNOT HAVE A BEER WITH ME!!!" "ANDY CANNOT HAVE A BEER WITH ME!!!" "ANDY CANNOT HAVE A BEER WITH ME!!!" "ANDY CANNOT HAVE A BEER WITH ME!!!" "ANDY CANNOT HAVE A BEER WITH ME!!!" "ANDY CANNOT HAVE A BEER WITH ME!!!" COOL???? This is NOT a cure, matter of fact, there is NO cure BUT it will help slow the symptoms!!! He also suggested I go to physical therapy to just 'know my limitations' so I don't really hurt myself trying to do stuff...

 I go back next for an MRI and that will help give them more info that in turn, will HELP ME!!!! As long as they don't say 'HOLY SNIKES, His MRI looks bad, call him STAT and get his @$$ up here." I  will go back in April and I plan to ALWAYS see him because he was that good.

 Oh and I sent this to my mom like 15 minutes ago before I posted it for ALL TO READ because she pulled the 'CATHOLIC GUILT' thing on me with precision HA!!! I sent her a text saying that we were on our way home and that I would tell everyone about my visit on my blog. She sent me a text "Travel safe, hate having the world know anything before I do." That right there kids is why I call her 'CATHOLIC KATE' Oh and anyone out there that thinks they can 'guilt' my brother and I into anything, is SADLY MISTAKEN because after 40+ years, WE ARE IMMUNE!!!

Saturday, August 01, 2015

I sooooooooooooooo have a car that is 50 years old this month, SORRY, LAST MONTH.

 I tell myself that I will NEVER forget the way I got a 1965 Mustang BUT I have seen how you forget stuff the older you get and I don't want to EVER forget about this. So I wrote it all down so the nurses at the old folks home can put me in front of a computer and I can read it.

 As a kid, I vividly remember riding around in my Grandma McBride's Mustang when we went to Ohio at Easter and in the summer,

HA!!!! Grandma with an indian boy in AZ.. Not the most 'politically correct' picture EVER!

 So in 1989 Grandpa and Grandma came down to Charlotte to watch me while my parents went to Hawaii. One night during a dinner of Stouffer's lasagna, I think she made that EVERY night while they were there HA! Come to think of it, she's 94 and made it for me the last time I saw her... ANYWAYS, they asked me about my first job which was a dish boy in the cafeteria at Mercy Hospital South. I told them that it was sometimes a 'challenge' dealing with some people BUT it was all OKIE DOKIE with me because I was saving up my money to buy a Mustang like the one Grandma had. It wasn't like a 'EUREKA' moment and they waved a magic wand and a Mustang was in the drive way or anything. It was one of many conversations we had at the dinner table and we just moved on to the next topic. About 6 months later, it was a Friday night and I went with my friends to a football game. I had to call my parents and tell them that my friends and I were eating pizza at GODFATHERS on Park Rd. after the game. So back then we didn't have cell phones LIKE THE PUNKS DO TODAY, so I went to a pay phone and BY GOD! I STILL know where it is, with Chris Seitz and Jenny Szany because they had to call their parents too. I called and my dad answered and said that was fine but when I got home we have to talk. I wasn't sure if he was pi$$ed or not. For a second there I thought they found my porn stash or some empty beer cans that I MIGHT have had accidentally didn't dispose of properly and I was in really big trouble, BUT pops kinda hinted that it was a good thing and that my grandparents are some really good people for what they have done.
 My cousin Chris told me a few years ago that he was out looking for a truck and he saw a Mustang and said to himself, "hey this is grandma's old car". He called grandpa and told what he saw, so he and grandpa went out to look at it and grandpa did a little negotiating and bought it with all intentions of giving it to me...
 Grandpa had it looked over by a mechanic and a week later, he drove it down for me..... HA!!! 7 1/2 hours in a car with no A/C and over 100k miles is NOT something the faint hearted would do BUT he was a man on a mission!!!! ALSO, recently when I was up seeing her, Grandma told me, after I said that her Mustang was turning the big 50, that it was the first car she bought with all her own money! A fact that she is very proud of EVEN to this day. She wanted a sporty car and Ford just introduced the Mustang at the World Fair in New York City in April 1964. THAT was the car she wanted BUT the demand for them was so much, HELLO, they made over 1 million of them in two years, that she had to wait a full year to get one. When she fianally got one, her and Grandpa took it everywhere, from the southwest, Florida and South Dakota just to name a few of the places......

 Who knows how to read this? THIS GUY and now you do too!! 

Warranty Number: 5F07C778577

Year: 5 1965
Plant: F Dearborn, MI
Body Series:072 Door Hardtop
Engine: C289 2v V8
Unit: 778577 778577

Miscellaneous Vehicle Data

Body: 65A 2 Door Hardtop, Standard Interior
Color: J Rangoon Red
Trim: 26 Black Crinkle Vinyl, Standard Interior
Date: 06U July 06, 1965
D.S.O: 32 Cleveland
Axle: 6 2.80:1, Conventional
Trans: 6 C4 Automatic

More Info coming soon...


So without of all of my BLABBERING, here it is in all it's glory.

 HA!!!! I use to drag race back in the day and someone gave me a 'trophy' for winning a race. It hangs in my garage and TOM SHORT RD. is actually very close to where my parents live now...

 I even use to show it off at car shows and I won awards for it..

 AND here it is today, sad I know....

 It hasn't run since 2000 when I was in WI. and I drove it to the apartment I rented when a former girlfriend and I broke up. When you're a teenager, you do, pardon my FRENCH, stupid S#it, to a car and I was no exception... When I lived up there, I worked at a machine shop and we had EVERYTHING to work on it and get rid of the CR@P I did to it when I was a stupid teenager. In between all of that, I decided to move back to NC. So we just put it back together enough for me to put on a trailer so I could haul it back home and it just sits there. The plan is that when I pay off the house in 2019, I will put that money into a fund that will only go to getting the Mustang back on it's feet again. 

  When ever my nephews come over they want to sit in it and have me take a picture. 

 No moment of ZEN this month just some advice to the few that work with me and read this.... KIDS, make sure you have your F.U1./Emergency fund ready because a storm is coming..... Some CLOWNS, actually it's just one, we work with will TRY to spin it and say that "As long as we are the best at what we do then we will be fine". AHHHHHHH NO BUDDY!!! That's NOT how it works tool! We are #'s and cost $ and if that is too much then we will be cut loose.... I've been there 13 years and have seen my share of this!!! Heck I have been laid off myself twice..... WOO HOO!!! Corporate America RULLLLES!!!!!!!

1. A lady that I sit next to told me that her dad always told her "have your F.U fund ALWAYS ready and have atleast 6 months of expenses". So I thought that was a great name for an 'emergency' fund and that is what I named mine.


I just posted a video about an RR bell that I and my friends 'borrowed' in 92 from an old abandoned RR crossing!!!!! And ...