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It's the RETRO edition so put your bell bottoms on and sit back in your love chair and enjoy my blog while sipping on a TAB.

Let's start out with some dishes my Aunt Cece hooked me up with! They are from her wedding back in 1975! She married the singer of Three Dog Night!!!!!

Right Dougy!?!? HA!!!!! They have remained in the boxes that she packed them in for the past 1/2 of a year BUT I recently started putting them in 'whatever' you call it.... China cabinet right!?!?

I know what you are thinking "DUDE!!!! Is that a dining room set? JUDAS PRIEST ON A UNICYCLE! That's kinda weird." I feel the same way, Let me ask you. What straight, single man has a full dining room set!?!?!? Not too many right!?! To clear the air, this is from mom and dad's house when they lived in California, matter fact, I say 98% of the stuff in my house are hand-me-downs AND I am also stating for the record that I am very 'straight' MMMMMMM WOMEN!!! All those curves and no …