Monday, February 01, 2010

It's the RETRO edition so put your bell bottoms on and sit back in your love chair and enjoy my blog while sipping on a TAB.

Let's start out with some dishes my Aunt Cece hooked me up with! They are from her wedding back in 1975! She married the singer of Three Dog Night!!!!!

Right Dougy!?!? HA!!!!! They have remained in the boxes that she packed them in for the past 1/2 of a year BUT I recently started putting them in 'whatever' you call it.... China cabinet right!?!?

I know what you are thinking "DUDE!!!! Is that a dining room set? JUDAS PRIEST ON A UNICYCLE! That's kinda weird." I feel the same way, Let me ask you. What straight, single man has a full dining room set!?!?!? Not too many right!?! To clear the air, this is from mom and dad's house when they lived in California, matter fact, I say 98% of the stuff in my house are hand-me-downs AND I am also stating for the record that I am very 'straight' MMMMMMM WOMEN!!! All those curves and no stop signs!!!! WOO HOO!!!! HEY!!!! That's what we call in the 'radio business' a great segway!

I don't think I have called my house the PLAYBOY MANSION of Lancaster county on here but I'm pretty sure I have referred to it like that to most people that I have spoken to, either way, I have PROOF that I should be lounging in a robe smoking a pipe!!!!

OW LA LA!!!!! You are looking at some GENUINE artifacts from the past that helped shape our civilization. I honestly forgot I had them and the other day I opened a cabinet that I hardly ever use and they were staring at me like the money you could be saving if you switch your auto insurance to Geico. How did I get them you ask?? Glad you asked, The year was 1966 I believe and a young and eager Ronald McBride just graduated from the prestigious Heidelberg College in some really, really, really small town in Ohio!!! Their mascot was the 'student princes'. WHOW?!?!?! HELLO NERDVILLE!

Anyways, the Playboy Club was 'WHERE IT'S AT' and he joined it..... If he's anything like my older brother, he bought these mugs because they were shiny..... Now pops, I don't know the exact story but I'm suspecting I'm pretty accurate... Am I right? One of the mugs needed some minor repairs because it leaked... FOR GOD SAKES MAN, can't be wasting beer! Talk about blasphemy! SOOOOOOOOO! With some Hysol epoxy circa 1976 that I had and some mad RED NECK engineering skills that I obtained through years of study, I went to work.

WOW!?!?! Did you notice the same thing I did when I saw the pictures? I have really hairy fore arms!!!!! I need to trim them up or some thing so I don't look like a neanderthal. After some minor repairs, I am happy to report that it does not leak and I can enjoy some nectar of the GODS, beer, while I am watching, DARE I SAY, the best show EVER 'Miami Vice' on my computer! MMMMMMM!!!!!! BEER and watching Crockett and Tubbs clean up the streets of Miami!!! Don't get much better than that!

What else!?!?! OH YEAH!!!!!! Charlie came down the other weekend to help me gather some wood and I proceeded to instruct him on how to make a bon fire! That's just what all 5 year olds need to know right? "Now Charlie, Promise me that you won't use this info to burn your house down, your mom and dad will kill me!" After that I let him play with all my Legos that I and my good friend Mark played with like 25 years ago!!!

Andy's going to go 'serious' on ya for a few ok? LIKE THAT!?!?! I just busted out the 3rd person!!!! If y'all have meet me or read the stuff I put on here, you kinda think that I am a very immature and a shallow S.O.B and I'll be the first to say that I do a pretty good job of portraying AND maintaining that image BUT. I do have emotions for what other people are going through. Which brings me to my friend Felicia. She just had a baby, not even a month ago, and the poor little guy got whooping cough and is now up in the big nursery up in the sky. Losing your baby is something that you NEVER get over for as long as you are on this Earth. So the next time you're bitchin' about some stuff in your personal/work life just remember that their are people out there that are worse off than you.

OK! Back to your regularly scheduled program.... Sooooooooooooo what did we learn for this entry?
  1. that "Jeremiah was a bullfrog and was a good friend of mine."
  2. some nice Playboy mugs NEVER go out of style
  3. 5 year olds should learn how to set really big fires, KRIPES!, what's it gonna hurt?
  4. EVERY kid loves Legos
  5. And finally, there's someone out there in the world that has it worse then you so stop your complainin'.
And to end this entry, I would like to thank Mike T., Julie D., Kaye F., Todd B., Elise M., AND FINALLY MY BROTHER for being followers of my blog! I feel 'complete' now. OH AND ALSO! I want to give a 'SHOUT OUT' to my cousin for putting down the beer and cigarette long enough to supplying me with a picture of her parent's Cece and Doug's wedding day.


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