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While I sit here doing my damn est to fight the craving for coffee, I gave it up for lent; you did know it was lent right?, I realized that I didn't mention in my last update that my cousin Marty and I went to the Charlotte Bobcats game..... The downtown arena is beautiful!!! Thanks tax payers of Mecklenburg County! I scored some AMAZING seats, GOOD GOD ALMIGHTY, right behind the visitors bench!!! We were so close that we were an arm reach away from grabbing some Gatorade that the players drink, We could listen in on everything the coaches said and let me tell you, they talk like they are a sailor!!!! They can cuss up a storm, especially if they see you screwing up a play...... AND!!! When you are that low they give you FREE BEER!!!!!! Marty and I didn't want to leave!!!!! We were in heaven!!!!! Ok it was one free complimentary Bud Light but still!!!!!! It was FREE!!!!!! You can't say anything bad about that!!!! Combined with the beer and Marty's humor, my stomach …