Saturday, September 08, 2018

UGH! The thorn in my side! PART I

 If you have EVER read my posts since I bought this house in 2005, you would know that the ditch in my front yard has ALWAYS been a thorn in my side. No matter what I do, it looks like this when it rains REALLY hard.

 Sorry for the kink in you neck but when I took this video I just got a new phone and I didn't know how to use it correctly, that is why half of it is sideways.

 Here is one that will not cause you any physical damage to your neck.

 I am currently 'modifying' it BUT because I LOATH debt, I am doing a little at a time. Basically, when I have the extra cash to do something I will. That is why this will be an ongoing project for a few months.

 This entry is about the new drainage ditch I built to replace the area I rigged up when I first moved in, and that was in 2005 folks........

 I 'modified' a runoff ditch I previously made with a drainage pipe I dug in the ground. I just dug it up and made a ditch out of old broken up concrete that was given to me by the road crew when they redid my street years ago.

 To the 4 people that read this, I am sorry for the delay but I can only do so much outside before I have to come in to A/C. It is super HOT out there! GEEZ!!!

 This is an on going project for the next few month.

R.I.P Bandit!


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