Friday, April 01, 2011


To the first annual 'ASK ANDY ANYTHING'! WOO HOO!!!! My fellow BLOGGER Kelly gave me the idea to do it. So I asked him for permission and he said, "HECK, I stole the idea from someone else so it's cool with me." I also stole part of the idea from The Bob and Brain morning show, One of the FUNNIEST shows I have ever heard. They have a segment called 'one question line' where a listener is allowed to ask one question and they answer it. This is the way it will work (as of now), I will answer your questions as they come in cool??? I promise to answer ALL questions, now granted, I might be laughing while I type an answer to ya but I WILL respond!!! So set your phaser guns to 'fun' and fire away with your questions.....If the past is any indication, I'll be lucky to get 3 people to actual read this and submit a question....... WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

OH I SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GOTTA PUT THIS IN!!!! I sold my old car to my cousin and so you know, I'm not the only one in my family that has an ODD sense of humor!!!

HA!!! I sooooooooooooo cannot wait to try to deposit this! I might be arrested so if ya get a call from me FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, please answer and post my bail!!!

Marking the 5th anniversary of living in 'L' town at casa de McBride, I will mention MONUMENTAL moments from the past 5 FREAKING years until 9-2011: This marks the first time I celebrated my birthday at Casa de McBride with some guns, midget hookers and firetrucks! MAN!!!!! WHAT A GREAT TIME!!! Talk to ya later and remember, those 'pictures' you took for your EX are now on the World Wide World and this guy can see them. FOOD FOR THOUGHT!!

First up is Allan, who claims to be a 5th round draft pick of the Lions in 2003, At least that's what he told girls to 'get some'. ANYWAYS He asks "Andy my question is why are you so awesome and the rest of us are like the Buffalo Bills?" Nice backhanded compliment I am pretty awesome aren't I???? As for the Bills comment, being a Bills fan is like being in a marriage, you have your good times and not so great ones. Plus you know deep down inside that as soon as our 92 year old owner goes to the big football field up in the sky, it's GAME OVER for Buffalo having a team! YEAH I SAID IT!!!! They will be bought and relocated in a glamorous other city. The western New York region just CAN'T financially support an NFL team! SAD BUT TRUE!

Up next is 'anonymous' who I am pretty sure is this guy. HE/SHE asks "how many 'notches' do you have on your bed post Mr Swingin Single?" Well let's step back and analyze the situation. I live by myself in a pretty sweet house, I have ALL my teeth, I DO NOT have an EX still pissed I got the couch from the family room in the divorce, a job, I'm financially responsible, I have a nice vehicle that gets me to point 'A' to point 'B' and back to point 'A', no baby's daddy.... I would say that when you add all that up, that your question is answered and being the MATURE gentleman that I am, I will NOT divulge any more info.

One of my friends from near the GREAT WHITE NORTH 'TAKE OFF EH!' asks : "For April fool’s day, which is better, gluing a quarter to the floor or putting a rubber band on the sink sprayer???" BOTH have YouTube written all over them!!!! But if I had to choose one then the rubber band on the sink sprayer would be the winner. The look of SHOCK you would get from the unsuspecting victim would be PRICELESS and they would be soaked too!! WIN/WIN!!!!

And batting clean up is Kelly who asked "What do you think of Allegany now, twenty years after our age group graduated and started leaving for the most part? How do you like your eggs? How do you like your steak? How do you like your women? You get home after a rough day...not a horrible day, but one where you put in more effort than you normally do. The beverage you reach for is...what?" It's a bag of MIXED EMOTIONS. On one side I am VERY GLAD Big Ron moved us down here in Aug of 1988. There was and is, better opportunities down here. Job wise that is. The weather is pretty sweet. You still get the change of seasons but it's NOT as extreme as it is up in Allegany. It's not gloomy with a chance of snow from Oct. to April. It gets HOTTER THAN THE HUBS OF HELL during the summer BUT that's why there is central AC! On the other hand, I MISS that 'small town' atmosphere. I WILL ALWAYS REMEMBER WHERE I CAME FROM! ALLEGANY EFFing NEW YORK! It's who I am and makes me the PERSON I am today. As for my eggs, I prefer them scrambled. I love COW and I prefer it well done. Women Ehh!?!?!? Well I prefer a woman that has a GOOD HEAD on her shoulders. Sure looks are cool and all BUT I enjoy a girl that ACTUALLY listens to me and does not consider me LITTLE ANDY that doesn't know how to EFFing balance a check book. A woman that KNOWS I have my moods where I need to just be alone and TRY to think of a solution to a problem. KRIPES! I could write FOREVER about this subject but I will spare you and the 4 other people reading this. I HARDLY EVER drink on 'school nights', during the week, but when someone or something really RILES me up then I just drink a beer, PBR usually and call it a night because you realize the next day that it's really not that bad. 

Scott asked "Who are you most looking forward to seeing at beer-pa-looza 2011?" And I can say with a FIRM ANSWER that I am excited to see EVERYONE that is there. Growing up in Allegany REALLY made me the person I am today. Sure I moved when I was in 8th grade BUT trust me, having an older brother and his friends HELP ME 'grow up' will ALWAYS be one of the BEST experiences ever. With that said, I REALLY want to see your wife and baby being that YOU made me feel like dog poopy last year because I didn't come in time to meet them. 


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