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Not a big fan of the French except for their doors, the way they kiss and their fries... Matter of fact, I was on Ebay the other day and saw an auction for a French soldier's gun that was dropped twice and never fired!!!! HE HE HE HE HE!!! Here's another good one....... Next time you see a Frenchman ask him if he speaks German. When he says no you can tell him to thank your grandfather for that....... Ungrateful yellow bellies!!!!! Enough of that....... I hope y'all had a great Christmas..... I know I did.... Besides treating myself to a new TV, MMMMMMMMMMMMM HDTV!, the major gift I received for Christmas was some French doors!!! Thanks mom and dad! They are going to help out tremendously in keeping the heat in the winter and air in the summer stay in the main room instead of being sucked out through the back room.... It is to be installed today but the guys still haven't shown up yet.... They were to be here between 12 and 3. It's 3:30 and still no sign of them…