Sunday, July 08, 2007

The McBride world tour is official complete!!!
Thank you!!!!

I told you about all the fun I had up at Boike and Mese's farm in early May, well the next stop was Michigan International Speedway!!!! Sweet baby Jesus! Did we have a blast!!!!! Boike built and I painted up some game boards for cornhole.... Don't know what the sam hell that is???? No prob, they actually have an official league and rules..... Check out my paint jobs????? Pretty sweet huh????

One is in honor of Davey Allison, God rest his soul and the other is....... The old timers will recognize that one. Yeap it's the AMC logo!!!! They had a short but sweet run in NASCAR back in the 70's...

Here we are debuting them at MIS......

It was hotter than the hubs of hell up there but it was worth it!!!!! It was a 10 hour trip up there from Boike's house in VA..... In case you are wondering it's 7 hours up to Boikes from my house.... WOO HOO!!!! I was a car/truck drivin' fool for a total of 17 hrs!!!!! My good friend Mark and his crew from Ohio met us there. DANG SINGER!!!! We have know each other since 3rd grade! That was 25 years ago!!!!! We are old!

That's him and his lovely girlfriend Melissa..... What a great girl!!! I told her that she gives me hope that there are still good ones out there....

Hey want to see what we do for the weekend when we are at the races???? Here's the answer to your question...

GOD I love racin'!!! That's our friend Hatcher with the killer shirt, "drink, pee, repeat".. He has the best shirts! Look in the back ground..... Singer's crew brought another cornhole board too.... It's painted up for Jamie McMurray who actually just won the Pepsi 400!!!! Way to go DUDE!!!!! See you in victory lane again in 2012!!!! Anyways!!!!! Kelly, who works with Singer, is a stalker, I mean, a big fan of Jamie and her dad made it for her...

And of course what race would be complete without my best bud Boike!!!!! We decided a few years a go to hit a new NASCAR track every year and we have been to Talladega, MMMMMMM DEGA! Darlington, Pocono, Martinsville and now put Michigan on the list.... Next year it's Atlanta....

This is how we watch the races!!! On top of an RV!!!!! WOO HOO!!!!! The Gariotte treated us good!!!! Yes, we call it the Gariotte because Mark's dad Gary bought this thing and spent a couple hours pulling it out of the mud. See the original owner bought it new and used it 3 freakin' times before parking it in his back yard where it sat until Gary saw it 2 years ago. People!!!! It was just sitting there for 15 years!!!!!! Gary asked the guy about it and he said that he just wanted out of his back yard. So Gary made an offer and the guy took it and the RV officially became the Gariotte that day!!!!

Here I am on the roof of that bad boy at 4am!!!!!! Didn't think I had it in me to pull an all nighter due to my age but I took one for the team..... Poor Gary, Kelly and Melissa were in there trying to sleep with us idiots up there raisin' cane. Gary finally came out and cussed us out... Seriously, I had a flashback to 1984 when Singer and I were up in his room building stuff with Legos and making too much noise and Gary coming up there to tell us to be quiet.

I know your asking what the heck I am doing with my fist and two things come to mind... Either I am demonstrating how, well you know, or I was about to give a thumbs up but Hatcher took the picture a millisecond too fast. Gee!?!?!?!?! When I put pictures of myself with that kind of explanation on here you wonder why I am still on the market!!!!!

And the last stop was the Boike LakeLand for the 4th of July festivities.... Only God knows how many years we have been going out there..... I think the last 17 years.... Ahhhh the memories!!!! There was a time when there were so many people out there that Boike would look at me and ask me if I knew these people and my response was always, " no, I thought you knew them.". I have so many great memories and pictures of July 4th gone by that I could create a site devoted to it..... But here are a few:

This was an actual wedding gift!!!!! A floating cooler!!!!!!! And here it is in action...

That's my home for the week...... Sweet huh!?!?!?!?!? The majority of the stuff in this picture, except for the truck, were given to me by previous girlfriends..... To those ladies I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything and especially the emotional baggage!!!!!! YEAH!

Any of you ladies need tickets to the gun show???????

So you want a boat huh???? Well let me tell you, they are a lot of work and money!!! A week before I took it to LakeLand, I spent a good weekend getting it ready. Here's the check list:

  1. Change oil and filter.
  2. Replace the impeller in the stern drive.
  3. Change the gear fluid in the stern drive.
  4. Charge up the battery.
  5. Install all the drain plugs.
  6. Make sure all the navigation lights work.
  7. Clean the interior with water and bleach to kill all the mold that grew during the winter.
  8. Make sure and store a life jacket for each person that the boat can handle, which is 8.
  9. Make sure all the lights are working on the trailer.
  10. Grease the wheel bearings on the trailer.
  11. Fill it up with gas..... 25 gallon tank + mid grade gas, $3.00 = You do the math....
There are more steps I'm sure but you get the point but it's all worth it when you are just chillin' out in a quiet cove listening to some tunes and enjoying adult beverages....

And finally here is your monthly drainage ditch update... I'm pulling out of the driveway one day and I glanced over to look at the retaining wall and and noticed it's kinda veering to the right..... WHOOPS!!!!! So you know what that means??? You got it, I have to take out a few of the ties and straighten it out..... Fun stuff!!!!! I need to bite the bullet and rent a Bobcat for the weekend and be done with it.... It will make easy work of the whole thing and I know what I will say to myself after. "Why didn't I do this back in January when I started this?"


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