Sunday, June 06, 2010

So you want to buy a house eh??

The days of getting some beers with the guys after work will be replaced with cleaning gutters, trimming hedges AND stuff like that.....

DRUM ROLL PLEASE.............

After tearing it down and starting from scratch, what do you thing? Personally I am happy with the results. I would at this time, like to thank everyone involved in making this happen. Me, myself and I! Also I would like to also give some major props to my back which I am sure will ‘go out’ on me at anytime…… DAMN! Those RR ties are freakin’ heavy.

I don’t know what the weather has been like in your neck of the woods BUT us common folk in Lancaster county have had a few pretty violent thunder bummers. They have not caused any MAJOR damage at casa de McBride but they did cause some of the roofing to come off around the vent for my ‘hot water on demand’ unit. HA!!!!! I SAID UNIT!!!!

So I had to go up there and do some repair work to prevent a part of the ceiling clasping or anything. That would SOOOOOOO leave a mark wouldn’t it????? So it's not exactly pretty, SO WHAT? It's on the back side of the house and no one can see it. Plus it was the first time EVER that I did roof repair also it was hotter than the hubs of hell up there so I was kinda wanting to get the job done quick so I could get down from the roof and cool down.

I'll let ya know if it was successful when we get another storm. I hope it works because I sure don't want to go up there again! GREAT GOOGLY MOOGLY IT WAS HOT!

Got a little ditty for ya, This happened about a week after my last entry BUT to AGONIZE Boike, I have not said anything until now. I have been having ‘issues’ with my lawn mower.

No matter what I did, the dang thing never wanted to start. I took it to Sears where I bought it and was greeted by Beavis and Butthead. MY GOD!!!! They were about as useful as a male stripper at a lesbian party.... Needless to say, I came out of there ready to explode with frustration, so I went down to see about just getting a new one like my neighbors, THAT THING IS SWEEEEEET.

The guy down at the dealer started talking to me after he saw I was looking at new ride on’s. I told him my situation and he said “I would LOVE to sell ya a new one BUT here’s the # of a guy that can work on your old one and get it running like new.” I look at the paper and it says FROG then a #... I looked kinda puzzled and the guy saw that and said “That’s his name.” HA!!!!! So I call ‘FROG’ and he has a very heavy southern accent and with my heavy YANKEE one, it was a MAJOR communication break down. I had to call him 5 times because I couldn’t understand what he was sayin’ when he was giving me directions. HA!!!! It got to a point where he was so frustrated that he handed the phone to his granddaughter. THANK GOD because I could understand her and vise verse. Well I eventually found the place and ‘FROG’ is everything you think of when picturing a good old boy. Not too many teeth in the old mouth but one of the nicest guys you’ll EVER meet. He looked at it and I think he said “It’s the valve and I will get it workin’ like new for ya.” Again, I think that's what he said, the jury is still out on that one BUT I got it back in a day and it runs like it just came off the assembly line in China where it was made by a kid who works 13 hours a day with no breaks and if he's lucky, A cup of water from the pond that is used as the run off from the surfer mine.

Well kids! That's all I got for ya this month... Remember to scratch someone's back so they don't stab yours!!! Take care of yourself and get ready for a detailed, depends on how much I remember, summary of the 'McBride World Tour'- Summer Leg with stops in OH., NY., PA. and rounding it out, VA.. You'll pay for the whole seat but only need the edge!!!


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