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MY GOD JIM!!!!!! I'm a doctor not a drunk!!!!

So I was living on the edge and took a different way home from work the other day and I thought to myself, "MAN! That fart sure did stink!" KIDDING!!!! "I should stop by the new Harris Teeter, it's a grocery store, and get some beer so I can chill out and watch some college football." So I stroll in there and I was as excited as Rio De Janeiro when it was announced they landed the 2016 Olympic, This is what I saw!

OK so it's not a picture of the actual display from inside the store, still trying to figure out my new camera phone, but I think you get the point. PBR Light! I have to watch my waist line ya know...

I wanted to start out this blog entry with a BANG and if I say so myself, MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.

OK back to my house, Say hello to Marvella!!!!

She's hot isn't she??????? Her first job is cutting this nasty a$$ tree down in the back yard.

My environmental scientist/arborist/genealogist/astrologist/nu…