MY GOD JIM!!!!!! I'm a doctor not a drunk!!!!

So I was living on the edge and took a different way home from work the other day and I thought to myself, "MAN! That fart sure did stink!" KIDDING!!!! "I should stop by the new Harris Teeter, it's a grocery store, and get some beer so I can chill out and watch some college football." So I stroll in there and I was as excited as Rio De Janeiro when it was announced they landed the 2016 Olympic, This is what I saw!

OK so it's not a picture of the actual display from inside the store, still trying to figure out my new camera phone, but I think you get the point. PBR Light! I have to watch my waist line ya know...

I wanted to start out this blog entry with a BANG and if I say so myself, MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.

OK back to my house, Say hello to Marvella!!!!

She's hot isn't she??????? Her first job is cutting this nasty a$$ tree down in the back yard.

My environmental scientist/arborist/genealogist/astrologist/nuclear physicist/civil engineer/chemist/nautical expert/Jedi Master in some of the finest beer on earth and all around good guy, Thompson told me that is was probably hit in the early years of it's life.

That would explain the HUGE disgusting GAP in it..... Get it? Charlie wearing a GAP sweatshirt next to a GAP in the tree!?!?!?! NEVER MIND GEEZ LOUISE!! So I feel it's my duty as a law abiding citizen of the U.S.A to take it out of it's misery! So with Marvella and my little nephew Charlie, Liz's brother Will, I cut it down...........

As the slide show blatantly indicates, the tree did not fall where I wanted it to BUT it's all good because it didn't fall on anyone or a house which is always a good thing...... IT'S ALL GROOVY kinda like Katie McBride, Cawley when this picture was taken, modeling Hysol's latest and greatest line of epoxies in 68!!!!!!! Love the hair mama!!!!!!!

The three of us, Will, Charlie and I also did other manly stuff like work on cars.

We ever let him drive one too...

Not really, his feet can't reach the pedals.

Oh and before I call it a day, there has been some confusion by some 'older' people...... When I place a picture up for all to see, most of the time it's a slide show and to see all the pictures you need to hit the play button... That my 'ANDY TIP' of the day.. I hope y'all have a great month and......


Anonymous said…
you should drink some real beer =P

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