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****** I wrote the following in April and being that some people do not want to be identified in this then each person will be referred to as 'person 'A' and person 'B' BUT you have to be one of the dumbest people EVVVVVER not to know how they are.....****** So everyone knows now, and frankly I could give an EFF if you don't, BECAUSE THEY WERE A HUGE PART OF MY LIFE!!!!! Anyways, after a very long time, person 'A' and person 'B' are no more. When all this was told to me, I talked to another friend about it and I will NEVER forget this person asking "McBride why are you so upset?" OH I DON'T KNOW, MAYBE BECAUSE I FELT LIKE THEIR EFFING KID!! What they, said I did! KRIPES!! They could of have told me to jump and I would ask “how high?”. EVERY aspect of my life since college was ALWAYS ran by them first…. From “hey y’all, what do you think of this back splash, tile for the kitchen?” “Do you think, the next time I am there, we can go g…