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'HAPPY whatever doesn't offend you'!!! Version IV

Welcome to the 4th annual... Because I like MOST of you, I'm here to give you some knowledge about finance, computers, cars and a few things in between so YOU can have a net worth of $1 MILLION DOLLARS like me! HA!!!!!! KIDDING OR AM I!?!??!!? You decide............. SO YOU KNOW, being this is the 4th edition, I add links as I think about them throughout the year and they are in RED!

The majority of stuff I am about to give you is FREE and info that I think will help you out! WOO HOO!!!

FINANCE: It's a great way to MANAGE your finances. It downloads all of your bank and loan accounts. www.everydollar.comDave Ramsey's team has one as well, BUT you have to pay to have your bank download your transactions. Until it's FREE, I will not use that feature BUT I used it to set up a budget. FYI- BUDGET is NOT a foul word and setting up one is NOT rocket So with ANY investment you have, 401K and stuff like that, there is a FEE the company r…


Pretty sure it's all a P.R move so people stop thinking about this, but the folks at my power company, DUKE ENERGY, asked me if I wanted a FREE 'energy audit'. FYI- They had me at FREE!!! Plus, it was a great excuse for me to take off of work one Friday afternoon.

 So a guy comes to your house and basically checks it out for you. Crawl space, attic, and your actual living area AKA the inside of your freakin' house. After he checks it out, he sets up his computer on your kitchen table and asks a bunch of question regarding your energy consumption. Which I don't use too much anyway.... HELLO!!!! Single guys like me don't need too much power. Sorry about that little outburst, ANYWAYS, he suggests stuff that he observed that might help reduce my energy and he gave me some ideas that I can make future projects!!!! One of those projects was adding this stuff to the attic... So my cousin Chris came down and we spent about 2 hours up there until this happened...


They call me the WORKING MAN and I guess that's what I am!!!!!!

AND THIS MONTH, I exercise my right to use my blog whichever I want!!! You see, there is one rule to 'blogging'. 1. It's MY BLOG and I can do what I want to it. So I created a little 'montage' of me WORKING on casa de McBride the last ten years...

 Oh and don't worry Alex and Geddy (They wrote this), no one reads or sees this blog anyways. So no need to call the lawyers to sue my @$$ for copyright infringement.

 I actually did a couple of things to casa de McBride this month... I got a REALLY CHEAP screen door for the back. I painted it up and sanded it for days to get the perfect slam of it when it closes. I felt like Steely Dan (if you are old enough to remember them, you will know what I am talking about), so what do you think?

 After all of that, I filled in all the holes I accidentally I drilled in it, put another coat of paint on it and put back in the screen. Not bad for a $20 dollar door...

 I also 'dethatched' and over seeded my yard... If yo…

10 years of having my own roof over my head!!!!!

I bought it in July of 2005 but my newly retired parents and I did some TLC (new paint and carpet) while it was empty. I actually moved into it on Labor Day weekend, Sept 2005. Oh and blogged about it too!! I'm too lazy to recap how I got it BUT that is why I blogged then so I can just give you a link to it and you can read all about it!!! That right there is called a 'WIN/WIN' situation! I don't have to repeat myself and YOU can just take your mouse and click on the link and YAHTZEE! 1.

What will he next ten years bring you ask? I can say without doubt that it WILL be paid off and I am sooooooooooooooooooooo going to have a MORTGAGE PARTY (don't know what one of …

And so the saga continues!!!!

I've been dreading this since I scheduled the appointment in JANUARY!!! YEAH, the waiting list to Duke Medical Center (they are the cream of the crop in medical) is that long!!! ANYWAYS!!! The 'uncertainty' is what has been driving me nuts!!!  Mrs. Boike and I went up there today, 8-5-15, to get another opinion about this stupid brain stuff going on in my head!!!!! So here is the running diary:

 Wednesday- WOO HOO!!! I just added this app to my phone and I am writing this from the waiting room BEEEEEEOTCHES!!! ANYWAYS, I am in the waiting room, hence the name, for my appointment... Mrs. BOIKE drove us up here in her sweet @$$ Prius!!!! Man and I thought the MPGS I got were good but DAAAAAAAAAAAMN!!! The trip up consisted of me nervously rambling about NOTHING!!!  POOR MRS. BOIKE HAD TO LISTEN TO THAT FOR 2 1/2 HOURS! ANYWAYS!!! I was examined by TWO DR.s AND let me tell ya, they DID NOT leave any stone unturned. We sat there for about an hour just asking and answering que…

I sooooooooooooooo have a car that is 50 years old this month, SORRY, LAST MONTH.

I tell myself that I will NEVER forget the way I got a 1965 Mustang BUT I have seen how you forget stuff the older you get and I don't want to EVER forget about this. So I wrote it all down so the nurses at the old folks home can put me in front of a computer and I can read it.

 As a kid, I vividly remember riding around in my Grandma McBride's Mustang when we went to Ohio at Easter and in the summer,

 So in 1989 Grandpa and Grandma came down to Charlotte to watch me while my parents went to Hawaii. One night during a dinner of Stouffer's lasagna, I think she made that EVERY night while they were there HA! Come to think of it, she's 94 and made it for me the last time I saw her... ANYWAYS, they asked me about my first job which was a dish boy in the cafeteria at Mercy Hospital South. I told them that it was sometimes a 'challenge' dealing with some people BUT it was all OKIE DOKIE with me because I was saving up my money to buy a Mustang like the one Grandma …


So on my annual tour, my cousin Chris and I spent some quality time going through and transferring all the photo slides my Grandma McBride gave him. HA! We used the same projector that Grandpa got for Christmas in the ealy 60s...

 So with my iTouch, beer, a slide projector, an actual screen, pizza and MORE beer, we converted all of them and I posted them here!

****** Disclaimer******
Most of these pictures are not labeled so don't think we were too lazy to label them. In most cases, the only thing we knew was from the box they were in.

I'm knee deep in my annual tour, come by if you want while I am gone. I have my cool new neighbors and their grand daughter, GRACEEEEEEEE on one side looking over casa de McBride and a dog that will bark at anything he sees (including me) on the other And a SWEET camera... OH and again, make sure you use the front door.

 With all the traveling I have done in the last month and sitting in my room with this damn itchy poison oak and being stung be…

Steps to 'DA ODE TO B@@B' Version 2.0!!!

So as the FEW people that actually read this know, I added some steps from my patio to 'DA ODE' a few months ago, WITH HUGE FANFARE!!! I'm so kidding about the last part of thatsentence!!!!! Where was I? OH YEAH! I received some 'pavers' from Mrs. Boike (MR. had them bordering his garden.... With inspiration from EVERY art teacher I had in my years of fine education (Not really, I HATED art class and usually was a disruptive little punk) I came up with a design with the pavers and all the bricks I had, ANOTHER thing or THINGS that were given to me by the Boikes.

  Did you see the stuff I used to glue the bricks together? It's epoxy from Hysol (they are no longer called that, where Big RON, POPS, worked for years!!!! I have a ton of it.

 I can hear him saying "Andrew, that stuff was NOT designed to hold bricks together." Just so POPS and everyone else knows, I am FULLY AWARE of this but I am not looking to hold stuff together because firetrucks and …

Just your ordinary average guy...

Thanks for that Mr. Walsh.... Well I am average with a few things that sort of set me apart. Oh and there is one BIG glaring thing in this song that is SOOOOOOOOOOOO not me, I DO NOT have a Chrysler product!! They have and will always be $HIT!!!!! HA!!!!!!
 Being that I have been a homeowner for almost TEN years, I closed on it July 2005, and a young 25 year old asked for some of my knowledge on buying a house, I decided to give all 5 of you that read this, some advice on buying a house.
First off, DO NOT listen to all of your friends that are telling you that you are dumb for not buying a house because rates are so low. They say "You are just throwing money away by renting, buy a house because at least the money is going towards paying it off and house values NEVER go down." UMMMM let me stop those clowns right there, they don't ALWAYS go up in value. Be like the turtle in the 'Tortoise and the Hare' and just take your time looking and these are the things you …

I love dogs BUT......

My sweet elderly neighbors to the left of me have this little dachshund and I REALLY think he hates me.... He goes nuts when he is outside and sees me..... We are talking 'foaming at the mouth' nuts!!!!! HA!!!! Poor Mary, the neighbor, ALWAYS apologizes about him constantly barking at me. He has even nipped at me when I tried to pet him one time. That's when I decided that we were NOT going to ever like each other and I was cool with it. Mary and I were out talking and she told me a good story about the SATAN DOG! One night he went after a possum. Now I have SEEN those little bastards TEAR UP another animal. So Rocky is barking his head off at this possum and all of the sudden she doesn't hear any more barking. She assumed that the possum killed him. She told her husband Bob to start pulling the floor up in the shed and 'get the body' before it started to stink. He starts taking it up expecting the worst, when Rocky jumps up UNSCATHED. I guess they were havin…

UPDATE to 150 things about me!

Just sitting here on a Wednesday 2-25-15 night during a sleet/snow storm that we here in the south CANNOT handle and drinking a yummy Bailey's or whatever ALDI' s knock off brand is, while updating my list of THINGS ABOUT ME!!! It was 125 NOW it's 150!!!! (APPLAUSE)So without further ado:

1.Name- Robert Andrew McBride. I was only called Robert on the first day of school by a new teacher or when I was in trouble with my parents. I have been called AndY (NOT AndI), Drew, RA and Andrew.
2. Does NOT have cable TV.
3. I still laugh like I am in 8th grade when someone calls another person 'douche bag'. Another good one is when my older brother calls me R Gay.
4. I don't hate anyone, even you Mary. Sure there are people I choose not to associate with but that's as far as I will go. Hate only eats you up inside.
5. Piggy backing on #4. You can tell BIG TIME if I don't want to associate with you.
6. I'm what you call a 'penny pincher'. I live by t…