Friday, August 01, 2014


If ya want to go all 'negative' on me and say 'the wall' is "DA MAN keeping you in the walls of conformity then by all means go for it!!! My wall is a 'happy one' and cheap too! 98 cents a brick!!!! YEAH BUDDY! So I have one in my front yard that I built last year. So this year I have starting building one in the back right next to DA ODE!!!

This one has 3 levels:

  • The first level has ONE day lily and ONE canna (I went on a trip and when I come back there were THREE already!!! GOOD LORD!)  
  • The second will be my little garden where I will (have to wait till next spring) grow my spinach and kale, YES I EAT GREEN STUFF NOW!!!!! I chop it up and put it in EVERYTHING I eat, and next H@LL will freeze over!!!!
  • The third is WELL I don't know what it is, I planted a bush there that my mom gave me years ago. SUGGESTIONS????

    Not bad for someone with a freakin' 'hang nail' that has been kickin' my @$$ for the month BUT I remember what Mike Wilber told me when I worked out at the Olean Racquet Club in 86, "NO PAIN, NO GAIN!!!!!"

    On an unhappy note, I went on my annual trip and it was short because I had to come back home earlier than scheduled. While in OH, I made the mistake of going back to my Nana's old house. The place is 'condemned' by the city THANK GOD!!! What a dump! Nana sold it at the same time her husband Russ, my step grandpa, passed away in 1991. I'm not sure if it changed owners through out the years but there was a fire there a few years ago and I will NEVER forget the news anchor saying that the firefighters had trouble fighting the fire because of ALL the dogs the 'owner' had.... GOOD GRIEF! That's all I will say about them but I DO want to thank them for giving me that sickening feeling that beer couldn't even cover up..... 

    Not even a day after these pictures were taken, it was demolished!!!!!! THANK YOU WHOEVER DID IT!!

      Now it's time for me to answer a spammer's question:
      "I really like your blog.. very nice colors and theme. Did you design this website yourself or did you hire someone to do it for you? Plz reply as I'm looking to construct my own blog and would like to find out where u got this from. cheers Also visit my web page ... Car Accident Lawyer Vancouver"
      ANSWER- H to the E to the double L NO!!! DUDE I have my 'limitations' when it comes to computers ya 'ambulance chaser'! FYI- there is only one 'i' in website and while I am on my 'spammer rant'. There are over 200k hits on my blog and NOT ONE person or machine is a 'TROLL' SON OF A!! I kinda want one that leaves really obscure and obscene comments for me to laugh at!!!

      Your moment of zen and remember kids, you can't have any pudding if ya don't eat your meat!!! That my friends are words to live by!


      I just posted a video about an RR bell that I and my friends 'borrowed' in 92 from an old abandoned RR crossing!!!!! And ...