Saturday, September 02, 2006

OK so I lied........... I said in my last blog entry that I have been in the house for a year now..... Well let's rewind the tape on that statement..... I officially closed on the house July 15th 2005. The parents and I spent the next 1/2 month fixing it up. For the record, I moved in on Labor Day weekend 2005. SOOOOOOOOOOO That would make this weekend the one year anniversary! HOT DAWG!!!!!! 10 things that I have learned or starting to do in the last year since moving to the huge metropolis of Lancaster, SC:
  1. Getting excited as a pig in slop when it rains because my lawn and plants are getting water...
  2. Started listening to country music. Sorry but they sing about some funny stuff!!! The best song out there is 'tequila makes her clothes fall off'!!!! AMEN BROTHER!!!! I think I've met that girl too!!!!! HE HE HE HE HE!!!
  3. Got myself a tractor and I live for the weekend so I can head outside with my straw hat and throw in my ear plugs and start mowing!! OH!!!! Did I mention that it has a cup holder?!?!?! GOD BLESS AMERICA!
  4. Washing off the porch at least once a month from the dust the speedway stirs up every Saturday night.
  5. Always remembering to drive the truck when I go some place in town so I fit in..... THANK GOD I bought that truck!!!!!!!!
  6. Seeing someone cruising down my street on their 4 wheeler or dirt bike and not thinking twice.
  7. Learning to accept the fact that I must pay more to have the house at a comfortable temperature whether it's heat or air conditioning.
  8. That you can buy almost anything at the Dollar General or Big Lots!
  9. I can't do everything I want to the house in one weekend!
  10. I didn't learn this in the last year.... But it has just solidified my belief that I love my life and where it's going!!!

The house is still rockin' like the Rolling Stones, those guys are older than my dad!!!! WHOW! The yard is a work in progress.... Almost all of the plants given to me are planted and growing like crazy!!!! EXCEPT! For this little guy. I don't think you have to be an arborist to see that this poor baby has seen better days.....

Check out the wagon in the back of the picture..... That thing is full of day lillys!!!! KRIPES!!!! They have been in there for the whole summer. AND they are still growing!!!! Those things are like weeds!!!!!! GEEZ!!!!

So I thought I would tell you all what my plans are.... Well I want to met a girl who will wear a cheerleading outfit..... WHOOPS!!! Wrong blog!!! HE HE HE HE HE HE!!! NO but seriously. I am building the 'McBride express way' in the back...... I'm sure anyone reading this is saying, what the??? Let me explain with some help from Google Maps and some pictures..... I have the Lancaster Motor Speedway, "THE FASTEST DIRT TRACK IN THE SOUTH!", about 500 yards away from my back yard. ALSO! There is the local dump and recycling center there. Here is a map I just made. I plan on making it wide enough to drive my tractor and wagon so it's easy access to the dump. Yeap!!! I am a full blown redneck!!! It has been more of an adventure than I thought.... I went back there to survey where the trail needs to go and folks!!!! This is going to sound funny but I got lost in the woods!!!! I felt like those crazy kids in the Blair Witch Project...... I just was going in circles and I finally walked out of the woods 3 houses down... I felt pretty dumb!!!! BUT!!! That's not going to stop me from completing the McBride express way!

Here is the view form the back yard.

And from the path looking back to the house.

So I have always known that there is some gravel in my back yard BUT I didn't know how much was there...... It's a freakin' pile!!! I started digging it up but I kept on getting gravel!!! It kept on going!!!! SO!!! I have a gravel pit now!!! I have no idea what to do with it all. Any suggestions???

Alrighty ya'll I'm off to bed...... I hope everyone had a rockin' Labor Day weekend.....


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