Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Update, thoughts and....

Other stuff that are on my mind that I think the 5 people that read this might like to know...
  • Health-wise I have my good and bad days, and I know I need to go to Duke Medical and have another neurologist look me over and NOT try to charge me 12k for blood work! YEAP!!! 12 thousand EFFING DOLLARS! Needless to say, I almost had a heart attack in my kitchen when I opened the bill!!! I will soooooooooooooo tell ya the story if ya want to hear it.....Oh, and for you people that only spew out sounds bites from your political party, the Affordable Care Act AKA OBAMACARE would NOT have changed that. Where was I, OH YEAH, an old A-TOWER, DEEE LITE (the girl on the right)

         had some brain surgery up there and gave me all the info of who to see... Also, I feel VERY comfortable when Mrs. Boike comes with me, she is like a pit bull and asks and DEMANDS all the questions her and I ask to the doctor are answered. I love that the Dr. will say something and she will look at me, if I have a 'puzzled' look, she will say, "you need to explain that again because Andy didn't understand what you said." She has got A LOT on her plate with a husband dealing with brain cancer, so I told her that I can wait... Not all days I have are good, sometimes run into stuff and I DREAD going down some stairs BUT I manage and I just take my time doing stuff. Speaking of that, I will NEVER forget being at the airport like 15 years ago and witnessing a guy fall down a flight. After he stopped tumbling, he was all bloodied and had the 'I CAN'T believe that just happened to me' look... That STILL haunts me today. For the people that DON'T KNOW than READ THIS!
  • Been thinking since last summer of not going to BEER-PA-LOOZA. I personally feel that it has 'run its course'. NO WAIT, I think I will still go up to A-Town and other stops BUT I don't think I will go to BEER-PA-LOOZA and instead of just taking 2 1/2 weeks off to go up there, I will take a week in June and then make another trip up there in August.
    • WOW!!! This is my birthday month!!!! I will be celebrating 20 years of not needing my fake I.D to purchase UMMMMMMMMMMM 'adult beverages'!!! WOO HOO!!!! BEHOLD the actual receipt from my first purchase of beer!! 

               FYI- I NEVER looked back after this!!!! BEER and B@@BIES RULE!! Speaking of that.......
      • Ode to B@@B!  Yep, you read that right. using the SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET compass I used in Mr. Rickle's (R.I.P) drafting class in 1992, I designed a patio and a fire pit in ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm the shape of, well, you know. We had to make a few 'alterations' to the design of the patio due to the proximity of the septic tank and leach bed but the FIRE PIT looks AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWESOME!!!!

          This is just PART of the many things I am doing to the back yard so it doesn't look NASTY! I may not be the fastest at doing stuff but DANG NABBIT it will get done... Let's go back in time shall we? The year was 2009 and I inherited a sorry @$$ deck when I bought the house....

          You couldn't even walk on it with your bare feet because it was it such bad shape, CAN YOU SAY 'SPLINTERVILLE'? So I and a friend showed it who was boss- ME!!!

           Getting back to the fire pit, it is the best representation of the part of the female body that I think is pretty darn cool! I'm pretty sure guys AND some girls, will 'appreciate' seeing it when they are flying in or out of Charlotte. I'm also sure Agent 2112 of the NSA will LOVE seeing it when he is operating the SPYONEVERYBODY SR2000 satellite. Here ya go!! Those geeks at Google haven't
          updated it BUT it will be RIGHT here and here is a 'ground level' shot.

                    I ALWAYS had a fire pit

          but last summer I started thinking of ‘upgrading’ it due to seeing mama and papa Gaughn’s one that we all sat around at BUCKOFEST in July.
            • As you can see in the picture above, the hair is long enough and will be coming off Monday 6/30, along with K-DAWG (Kylee Kiener), 
                    we will be visiting Kara, an old friend from A-TOWN who is a hair dresser and will cut it for us
                    and then we will donate it to WIGS FOR KIDS
              That's all I got for ya this month, REMEMBER to fly low and beat the radar...... It's a phrase I learned in the 80's and came from one of the best shows EVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVER!

                The day was......

                 April 2nd, how do I know that???? It freakin' snowed that day!!! GOOD LORD! And it was cold at casa de McBride. I went to turn up my t...