Sunday, May 09, 2010

Let's me start out by saying "I MADE THE PAPER!!!"

Now many of you have talked to me and I have been known to say some pretty 'obscure' things like "YAHTZEE"! Or "WOO HOO"!!! BUT I did not say “Boom. Pow. Done!”, This paper is damn lucking I am too busy saving people's houses or I would sue someone's @$$ for SLANDER! HA!!!!!!!!!!!! Here's the scoop, Dollar General is right next to H&R Block or Jackson Hewitt I forgot the name but it's one of those tax places, and in my constant search for really cheap stuff, I came out of Dollar General with hand soap $1, SCORE!, in tow, I was approached by a the 'MAN ON THE STREET' reporter from the newspaper. He must of thought "That guy looks somewhat 'normal' although, those BITCHIN' chops are kinda intimidating, I will ask him about taxes." We talked for about 15 minutes and I'm sure I rambled about the KGB, I mean, the IRS and some of my political views. He was able to muster up enough of my gibberish to write an article

Remember my good friend Mark and his lovely bride Melissa?

Well they moved to 'Heaven's waiting room' I mean FL. and check it out! They have a FREAKIN' indoor pool!

BETTER YET! It has a freakin' table in it!!!!!! A TABLE!!!!!!!

DUDE!!!! It's 'sooooooo fly' that I'll use it as basis for a SWEET @$$ rap video because about 98% of them are shot at pools or boats......

Getting back to us SIMPLETONS, I used some more of the RR ties that I got like four years ago to make a nice little border around the big tree in the center of my back yard. I also planted day lillys in there that Mr Boike gave me about the same time! GOOD GOLLY MISS MOLLY! Those things grow and multiply like crazy!!! They are the rabbits of the plant world.


I built it and after looking at it, I was not satisfied with the results SO I tore it apart and I am currently rebuilding it to McBride standards. Kinda like the 6 million dollar man!!!! Side note, What in the WIDE WORLD of SPORTS will $6 million getcha these days?? A finger nail?? Sorry about that, I'm getting off my soap box, I promise that it'll be done by the time for my next entry.

Wanna see why I only drive 60mph on the interstate?

WOO HOO!!!!!! Just doin' my part while saving mother Earth and $$$$$..... I'm making all the tree huggers and capitalist pigs all warm and fuzzy inside... Also I got one of those blue tooth thingies so I have the TRIFECTA going! Let's rehash things, 1. I'm saving the planet 2. pocketing more money, 3. AND looking GQ ish while doing it!!!!! BOOOLLLLLLLLLLLAAAAAAAA!

The 50MPGs picture was taken after I arrived up at the Boike/Mese farm in VA. for my annual pilgrimage for Gold Cup. a day to get all dressed up and be a SNOB while keeping to my roots and drinkin PBR...... We also celebrate my birthday too!!!! It's a WIN/WIN situation! They marked the occasion by getting some classy beverages and a cake of YUMMY IN MY TUMMY chocolate.

Fellow blogger and an old friend from A-TOWN, Allegany, just had her 2nd baby and it's a pretty funny story .While you are there, leave a comment about how her blog is ALMOST as cool as mine! HA!!!!!

OH AND! Check out the name of one of my 'followers'..... It's Babydoll!!!! YEAH!!!!!!! To all ya jealous guys out there, DON'T HATE THE PLAYA, HATE THE GAME!


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