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Let's me start out by saying "I MADE THE PAPER!!!"

Now many of you have talked to me and I have been known to say some pretty 'obscure' things like "YAHTZEE"! Or "WOO HOO"!!! BUT I did not say “Boom. Pow. Done!”, This paper is damn lucking I am too busy saving people's houses or I would sue someone's @$$ for SLANDER! HA!!!!!!!!!!!! Here's the scoop, Dollar General is right next to H&R Block or Jackson Hewitt I forgot the name but it's one of those tax places, and in my constant search for really cheap stuff, I came out of Dollar General with hand soap $1, SCORE!, in tow, I was approached by a the 'MAN ON THE STREET' reporter from the newspaper. He must of thought "That guy looks somewhat 'normal' although, those BITCHIN' chops are kinda intimidating, I will ask him about taxes." We talked for about 15 minutes and I'm sure I rambled about the KGB, I mean, the IRS and some of my political view…