Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Path to a little slice of HEAVEN!

That's my brother Mike and Grandpa McBride in 1972 and after seeing this picture, I decided to make my own little brick path from the patio to 'DA ODE' AKA fire pit. So with the PLETHORA of bricks the Boike's have, I made my version....

Sorry for such a SHORT entry but I SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO finally cut the cable company out of my life. The 'high speed' internet and it's really high payments are gone and I have one of these now. I made the cheapo mistake of only buying 1GB of data to get me through a month, well that went over like a fart in church! I blew though that faster than a college kid 'shotgunning' a beer on a Friday night but don't worry, I bought more GBs and I should be good; even though I had to wait until the 20th of September. So I didn't have any internet service unless I went to someplace with WIFI access like McDonalds. HA!! I went there every morning to download my pod casts I like to listen to at lunch and in the car. ****COMMENTARY**** Things must be just fine and dandy at the cable company because they didn't EVEN try to retain me as a customer. I find this hard to believe because the days of their MONOPOLY on internet access and TV are numbered with technology evolving for us commoners:

OKIE DOKIE!!! My commentary is over and now back to your regularly scheduled program...

IT'S TIME for me to answer a spammer's, usually stupid and grammar filled error, email: 
"Does ƴouг website havе a contact pаge? I'm haνing a tough time locating it ƅut, Ӏ'd lіke to send you an email. I've ǥot somе suggestions fоr yoսr bpog yߋu miǥht be inteгested in hearing. Eіther ԝay, ɡreat site and I look forward to sеeing it improve oger time."
Answer: A contact page? No, you can just leave a comment about it and I there is a 98% chance I will reply BUT I highly doubt you will notice that being you just send out 'spam emails' to EVERYONE and hope some poor bastard responds to ya!

Now it's your moment of ZEN. Just in time for Halloween!!!!!

HAVE A GREAT MONTH PEEPS and have a happy NASTAS (SATAN) day, I mean Halloween! It's all cool with me because it gives ladies around the country the excuse to dress SLUTTY!!! WOO HOO!!!


I just posted a video about an RR bell that I and my friends 'borrowed' in 92 from an old abandoned RR crossing!!!!! And ...