Tuesday, November 01, 2016

It has ONLY taken over a year......

 BUT I finally completed it. Let's go back a year shall we? My cousin, his girlfriend and I started installing 'heat barrier' and had to abruptly stop when he fell through the ceiling. OUCH! That will leave a mark!

 Well it's been a year and I have done a little bits of it at a time, BUT not during the summer months because it gets REALLY hot up there and quick! Do you really wanna see a picture of it? It is not that exciting BUT OKIE DOKIE, I hope you like it? HA! Anyways, here are the 'ANDY things to have and remember when doing ANY project due to this STUPID brain stuff''
  • Have my phone on me at ALL times.
  • Take your time and remember that "Rome was NOT built in a day".
  • When that feeling of 'unbalance' occurs, take a break.
  • Do things slow.
  • Remember that you are NOT 18 anymore.
  • Realize that "THIS IS YOUR LIFE NOW".1 

 This is what I used and I STRONGLY suggest you install it because it works REALLY good and it's gives you some tax rebates! Not saying you will pull a TRUMP and not pay any taxes, but it will help you NOT pay as much.

 FYI- this was a post that was NOT 'written in stone'. You see, in the middle of the month, I was just chillin' on the couch reading some stuff on DA NET. I went to reach for something on my coffee table/my great great uncle's old tool box, when I lost my balance and fell on the floor. I fell hard, KRIPES I KNOW I DID, because when I fell, I was in such shock and pain that it took me a good 5 minutes to catch my breath. So I was limited to what I could do because I did something to my side when I fell, I think I bruised my ribs pretty good. ANYWAYS, this 'limited' me for a while. I just hung out of the couch and healed while my butt and the couch became BFFs and I helped my mom out by scanning a freakin' shoe box full of pictures she had.

 Oh and kids!?! Whatever side of the aisle you are on (Republican or Democrat) THE SUN WILL come up the day after the election. Your life will be the same, and as much as the media, internet and both parties tell you, we will NOT head for an apocalyptic future!

1. My good friend Mike C. told his dad this when Mike's mom had cancer and she was getting chemo. His dad grew impatient while he was in the waiting room, saying that it was taking too long and they had lunch to go to at a certain time. Mike told his dad to relax and THIS IS YOUR LIFE NOW and he had no choice but to accept it.


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