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WOO HOO!!!! Over 11k + have checked out my blog!!! сладкий that's 'SWEET' in Russian my fellow comrades. I would like to thank the 10 people that actually read this and keep on hitting the 'refresh' button on their internet browser. First off, I am sorry that there has been a delay in posting this BUT I was on WORLD TOUR! I know everyone has been worried because I didn't post this on the 1st........ All sarcasm a side, Before we get to the WORLD TOUR, I have pictorial evidence that I, Andy McBride, is the nephew of MISS FIRE PAGEANT 1962! Ladies and gentlemen put your hands together for MS. CECE (ROOT) CAWLEY

I would like to thank my fellow God parent, Cassie for a picture I have been looking for... ALSO I want to say that I AM NO LONGER A BOAT OWNER!!! They say that the two happiest days in a boaters life is when they buy a boat and when they sell it! I tend to agree! I told myself that I, ANDY McBRIDE, would become a priest if it didn't 'help' me …