Sunday, March 01, 2015

UPDATE to 150 things about me!

 Just sitting here on a Wednesday 2-25-15 night during a sleet/snow storm that we here in the south CANNOT handle and drinking a yummy Bailey's or whatever ALDI' s knock off brand is, while updating my list of THINGS ABOUT ME!!! It was 125 NOW it's 150!!!! (APPLAUSE)So without further ado:

1.Name- Robert Andrew McBride. I was only called Robert on the first day of school by a new teacher or when I was in trouble with my parents. I have been called AndY (NOT AndI), Drew, RA and Andrew.
2. Does NOT have cable TV.
3. I still laugh like I am in 8th grade when someone calls another person 'douche bag'. Another good one is when my older brother calls me R Gay.
4. I don't hate anyone, even you Mary. Sure there are people I choose not to associate with but that's as far as I will go. Hate only eats you up inside.
5. Piggy backing on #4. You can tell BIG TIME if I don't want to associate with you.
6. I'm what you call a 'penny pincher'. I live by the motto, "if you can't afford it then you don't need it." Credit card companies are like the evil empire in Star Wars.
7. I think Dave and Sammy were both great for Van Halen. They brought a lot to the table. Gary Cherone was a full fledged debacle.
8. Politically I refused to be labeled! I am conservative on somethings and liberal on others. I think ALL politician's sole job is to piss down your back and tell ya it's rainin'. We vote for a virgin to do a whore's job! Sad but True! I'm all about 'free will'! Only you truly control your destiny. It's still “We the People' Right??????
9. I think people use verses from the Bible to TRY to justify their actions.
10. You can sit there and tell someone till you're blue in the face how you would deal with a certain situation but I think you have no idea what you are going to do if it happens.
11. Stress to me is being an 18 year old kid about to storm the beaches of Normandy knowin' damn well that the chance of living are slim to none.
12. I LIKE the Buffalo Bills and Sabres BUT at the end of the day I know I have a freakin' mortgage payment to make at the beginning of the next month so I don't live and die with every win or lose. PRIORITIES!!!!
13. I love watching documentaries.
14. The instrumental at the end of 'Layla' is the ultimate to make out to.
15. The only reason I loved school (Charlotte Catholic High School '92) was seeing all my friends..... I was a terrible student. I think my final GPA was like 2.3 or something like that, but I put on my 'big boy' britches and went to community college for 2 years then to Appalachian State University and I have a 4 year degree and I have the diploma to prove it!!!
16. I have never been married and so I DON'T have a crazy ex that's still pi$$ed I got the couch from the family room in the divorce.
17. I cried uncontrollably and had to be helped out of the hospital room the last time I saw my grandpa alive...... Does it make me less of a man??? I don't think so....
18. I have over 1900+ songs on my iPod ranging from every decade from the 50's on up and every style. My musical tastes were formed by hearing what my older brother and his friends listened to. Also songs that remind me of certain chapters in my life.
19. If I'm not talking it's because I'm really sick and if I open my mouth I'll yack.
20. I (USE TO) drink beer and wine and that's it.. I would welcome a random drug test because I know I would pass with flying colors. Other people at work????? Well!?!??!?! Let's just say I would stay really busy having to do all the work that others did before they were canned.  I wrote this before 8/05/15 when the Dr. advised that I stop drinking. FYI- I have NOT had a drink since.
21. I think all your priorities in life change when you hold your child for the first time. It's no longer about you, that little guy/gal totally relies on you.
23. Is a picky eater.
24. Knows that some countries CANNOT handle freedom.
24. If you ever get a hand written letter in the mail from me it's a pretty good sign that I really, really, really like you....
24. Is NEVER in a hurry to get someplace.
25. I don't wear underwear.... Too restrictive!!!! I gotta let'em breathe ya know! WHAT???? Too much info???
26. Usually comes up with some great ideas while driving or when someone is yapping about some crap in a meeting.
27. I try to go to mass every weekend. Let me stop you before you tell me that you grew up Catholic but don't go anymore because you disagree with the church. I know you can make a case about the Catholic Church having all kinds of problems but let me ask you, doesn't every religion have issues????? This is how I see it, there has to be someone, guy or woman, up there looking over me because they have gotten me out of a lot of jams in my life.... Plus it's kind of a family tradition..... When Peter Cawley got off the boat from Ireland in the 1800's he was Catholic....
28. Has trouble sleeping on Sunday nights, always has and ALWAYS will.
29. Thinks Sammy said it best in 87, BUT ONLY when YOUR house is in order!! 
30. Always winks at the little girl with Down syndrome when I am in the communion line.
31. Has seen Sade twice and frankly she is the ONLY artist I would still pay money to see. OK, I'd pay to see Rush too!!!
32. LOVES taking naps!
33. Loathes 'plastic' AKA fake people.
34. Was born at Olean General Hospital.
35. Could give 2 $hits if you are gay, a different race, religion. If you are cool with me then I am
sooooooo cool with you and if you are an @$$ then I will be one to you too. We are ALL in this $hit together right?
36. Can be snobby to you.
37. Likes my sister-in-law because she puts up with my shenanigans.
38. Knows how to weld.
39. Is a home body.
40. Hates the circle of life.
41. Lives pretty close to Lancaster Speedway and is cool with it.
42. Is a loud talker.
43. Remembers a lot of things that people have done to me and vice verse.
44. Can yell with the best of them.
45. Knows that money and power are some crazy drugs.
46. Is over 40 and is STILL afraid to tell my mom if I got a chick 'knocked up'.
47. Believes in the 'crock pot' and NOT the 'microwave' style in most things in life.
48. Likes 'routine'!
49. Is flirtatious but that doesn't mean I want to swap spit with ya in a luke warm shower.
50. LOVES snacking on pretzels. MATTER OF FACT, I am eating some as I type this!!! MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM.
51. Cares more about others than I do about myself.
52. Opens a door for a lady and gets pi$$ed and says "YOU'RE WELCOME" if she doesn't say thank you.
53. Can't sing.
54. Won't talk to ya if I am pi$$ed. Something I learned from my mom.
55. Tells you how I feel whether it's good or bad so no one can EVER say "GEE, I wonder what Andy thought?". Does it get me in trouble sometimes? Does a bear $hit in da woods?????
56. Believe it or not, BUT there are things I DON'T talk about!!
57. Does NOT have a criminal record.
58. Is pretty good finding stuff on the Internet, PUBLIC RECORDS EFFING ROCK!
59. Knows that sometimes you just have to realize that you can't fix 'stupid'!
60. Drives sixty MPH unless someone is actually driving slower than me and I have to pass them FYI- that RARELY HAPPENS!
61. ALWAYS breaks into the Phil Rizzuto voice when I hear 'Paradise By The Dashboard Light' "OK, got a real pressure cooker goin' here."
62. Is moody.
63. 'Tolerates' some people.
64. Likes dogs more than cats.
65. I'm only Quicken Loan's (mortgage) beeeeeeeeeeoootch... I hate debt with a passion. 
66. Is NOT politically correct.
67. Hates litter bugs.
68. Has a pretty good F.I.C.O score.
69. Likes their fries and the way they kiss but other than that I am not fond of the French.
70. Has no desire to travel abroad.
71. Knows in most situations it's better to ask for forgiveness than permission.
72. Will let you talk about something that 'you think' is right so you will look like an idiot to others.
73. HEY!! I was born that year. ANYWAYS, thinks that we MIGHT be better off if CA. fell in the ocean. Just sayin'.
74. Thinks you have to have some mental issues to think the only way out of a situation is to kill yourself.
75. Thinks EVERYONE has something in their past that they are not too proud of.
76. Trust is HUGE with me!
77. Lives by the motto 'if you don't ask, you don't know'.
78. Will TEACH you how to fish and will NOT give you one!
79. Gives a hand wave and acknowledgment when someone lets me into a lane and EXPECTS the same from someone.
80. HATES pickles!
81. Worked at a radio station.
82. Is one stubborn S.O.B!
83. Knows how to do a Rosary.
84. I think everyone has baggage. With that said, there are two kinds. 'Carry on' which is small enough to stow in the overhead compartment/under your seat. Or 'check in'....... It's so big the airline has to put it in the cargo area because you can't bring it on with you...
85. Knows that if you put something on DA BOOK (f\b) you have to EXPECT someone will respond with something that you don't agree with!
86. Thinks torturing in some form is okie dokie. It makes ya talk! I know it would 'help' me sing like a canary. 
87. Drives a Honda Civic and will NEVER get anything but a Honda for as long as I am on this planet.
88. Doesn't like calling customer service (usually it's someone in India) but I ALWAYS have patience and I am friendly to whoever I talk to because it's NOT their fault that the company they work for is trying 'to cut corners' and save some money which puts the poor person in a quagmire.
89. Knows there are only two guarantees in life. 1. You WILL die. 2. You WILL be taxed. 
90. If I only say "OK" to you then it's a pretty good chance that I can't say anything else because I am so upset that I will start crying.
91. Has been spat on twice in my life.
92. 99% of the time I DON'T trust someone with a hyphenated name.
93. May not agree with 97% of the stuff he pulls BUT I would have some beers and watch a game with President Obama.
94. The first thing I notice if we are talking is if your glasses need to be cleaned.
95. Refuses to 'text' and drive at the same time plus it's against the law.
96. Kinda gets fired up if I send you an email and you don't respond.
97. I will 'admire' a woman from afar but will not do anything more about it.
98. I keep very good eye contact with ya when we are talking.
99. I can still rattle off my childhood best friend's phone number.
100. I tend to giggle A LOT when I am writing an email or a reply on DA BOOK that I think is pretty darn funny at least it is to me.
101. I love being an uncle to three pretty cool kids but it sure is nice to be able to go home to my quiet house.
102. Knows that YOU cannot make someone love you!
103. Can change the oil in my car and I kinda like doing it.
104. Doesn't smoke.
105. Is an EXPERT in my opinion.
106. Thinks that hindsight is ALWAYS 20/20.
107. I really don't give a poop about 'keeping up with the Jones'... Odds are that they are as broke as MC Hammer.
108. Doesn't have any tattoos. I figure there is nothing in this world so important that I want to go through the pain to have put on my body.
109.  Likes giving a 'gift card' for Christmas or birthdays. Some might say it's NOT 'personable' BUT I have found that it gives people a choice in getting something they like instead of ACTING like they are happy with a sorry @$$ gift you gave them.
110. Loves 'pushing the envelope'....
111. Knows that to some people I am ALWAYS going to be 'little Andy'
112. Believes Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone.
113. Can be extremely loyal, sometimes to a fault.
114. Does yoga 5 days a week and I'm NOT a new aged hippy!
115. Accepts the world as it is.
116. Thinks that if there are NO kids, pets or $ involved then there is NO need to have ANY contact with your ex. There is a reason why they are called the EX!!!
117. HATES the circus!
118. Believes that it is a form of child abuse if you don't plan to pay for your child's future college expenses.
119. ALWAYS carries a Rosary in my right front pocket.
120. Kinda likes saying something to pops that causes him to give me the 'BIG RON I'm sooooo disappointed in you' look........
121. Hates looking at someone's bad teeth.
122. Sometimes get scared about my future.
123. HATES being late and being absent from stuff. As matter of fact, I have told my bosses that if they don't hear from me and I don't show up to work, they BETTER call 911 because I am either dead or incapacitated.
124. Loves being a smart @$$, good luck trying to get a serious answer out of me.
125. Thinks the ONLY reason people say they are 'sorry' for something is because they got caught.
126. Kinda gets FIRED UP when someone doesn't capitalize the 'B' in my last name.
127. Knows that I am ALWAYS gonna be 'that guy' in WI.
128. Has a 1965 Mustang
129. Lives well below my means!
130. I KNOW I am just a number. I'm NOT ROBERT A. McBRIDE, I am employee # 5*25*6.......
131. EVERY choice ya make in life has 'pros' and 'cons'.
132. Has a very sensitive 'risk meter'.
133. Would NEVER want to win the lottery because I don't think, AS A HUMAN, we can handle it. One day you are an average guy, the next you are a millionaire. That will make ya go 'cuckoo for cocoa puffs'!!!!
134. Is a donor.
135. Is a 'worker bee', I'm too blunt to EVER be a leader. I don't have a 'filter'....
136. Knows what love is but it's NOT a story for all to hear because it's kinda disgusting.
137. Has a house, not a mansion or anything special but it fits me just fine.
138. Picked up a hitchhiker once, sure he reeked of booze but we had a pretty good conversation about politics.
139. I tend to think people are smarter than they really are.
140. I had a very normal childhood, and my brother and I never went without.
141. I hate any form of gambling because I usually lose and I LOATH losing $.
142. Knows CPR 15 x 2 BAAAAAAABY!
143. Been known to pick up a penny, HEY it ALLLLLLLLL adds up in the end!
144. Will go 'TEAMSTER' on my bosses if I need to!!
145. Loves looking and usually laughing at the trashy tabloid magazines in line at the grocery store.
146. Has noooooooooooooooooo problem using a word that is rarely used in the English language anymore, READY FOR IT??? The word is 'NO'!!!!!!
147. Was a shy kid (WHAT HAPPENED YOU ASK)
148. Not a big fan of the band Journey! NEVER has and never will!!!!
149. No matter what my financial situation is, I read a menu right to left...... The price is on the right kids.....
150.. AND FINALLY, knows that opinions are like @$$ holes, EVERYONE has one!

 And now for your monthly 'ANSWERING CRAP' where I answer a spammer's, usually stupid question: "However we understand that, for many people, $450 could seem like an obscene quantity to spend on a blender."
WAIT, WAIT, WAIT!!!! GREAT GOOGLY MOOGLY it IS too much for a freakin' blender!!! You should be ashamed of yourself...

I leave you with your moment of zen... hippies dancing!!!!

I bet their parents are sooooo proud and love their grown kid living in their basement!!!!


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