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UPDATE to 150 things about me!

Just sitting here on a Wednesday 2-25-15 night during a sleet/snow storm that we here in the south CANNOT handle and drinking a yummy Bailey's or whatever ALDI' s knock off brand is, while updating my list of THINGS ABOUT ME!!! It was 125 NOW it's 150!!!! (APPLAUSE)So without further ado:

1.Name- Robert Andrew McBride. I was only called Robert on the first day of school by a new teacher or when I was in trouble with my parents. I have been called AndY (NOT AndI), Drew, RA and Andrew.
2. Does NOT have cable TV.
3. I still laugh like I am in 8th grade when someone calls another person 'douche bag'. Another good one is when my older brother calls me R Gay.
4. I don't hate anyone, even you Mary. Sure there are people I choose not to associate with but that's as far as I will go. Hate only eats you up inside.
5. Piggy backing on #4. You can tell BIG TIME if I don't want to associate with you.
6. I'm what you call a 'penny pincher'. I live by t…