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Pot Belly Pig (NO, not really!)

But POT BELLY is in the name... Let me explain. They use to have POT BELLY wood stoves in railroad stations and cabooses. I asked Boike to be on the lookout for one and being the SMART @$$ he is, he wanted me to buy a whole caboose and put it in my backyard. So I did the next best thing. Here ya go DUDEZILLA!
 My friend Kaye up in Erie, PA had one just sitting outside and she gave it to me. Here is some time lapse videos for ya of me wire brushing an painting it. ENJOY!

 Jimmy, my cool neighbor, came over and helped me install the through the wall chimney.

 Don't worry Mert and Lynn, It's a triple layered thru the wall one. It's NOT a freakin' pipe that Jimmy and I put through the freakin' wall. ANYWAYS, thanks to the fine folks at McBride Building supply (no I am not kin) and Home Depot, I can now enjoy my morning JOE (coffee) without freezing my butt off in the back room.

 OH and don't worry mom and ALL of the mothers out there. I have these too.

 Now tha…