Sunday, March 12, 2006

Nothing wakes you up better than crashing down on the floor with your cup of coffee spilling everywhere! So let me explain... It is absolutely gorgeous down here this weekend. When I woke up I made some coffee and went out on the front porch to enjoy the weather. There I was sitting on my swing listening to the birds chirping, soaking up all the warmth and sipping on coffee when WHAM, BOOM, CRASH!!!! The swing comes slamming down!!! I'm on the ground still holding my cup of coffee wondering what the heck just happened..... I quickly realize that the swing broke and I'm wearing half of my cup of coffee! Great way to start the day huh???? I guess I have a new project now.... Putting that thing back up properly this time.

I spent the last two days digging out that ditch and MAN!!!! All I can say is I'm exhausted!!!!! I first started grading the slope.

Then I started digging out the bottom of the ditch for better water flow.

I realized that if it's just going to be me and a shovel then it's going to take not one weekend as I thought but more like 3-5!!!! This is real manual labor!!!!! I don't think I could make it on a chain gang.... I'd give the prison guard all the money I had to just shoot me and tell anyone who asks that I was trying to escape.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

So spring is right around the corner and you know what that means!?!?!?!? It will be warm enough so I don't have to wear 3 layers of clothing because the house is hovering around 55 degrees!!!!!! WOO HOO!!!! All right!!!! I need to come clean about this heat thing...... In my last update I stated that I turned the heat off. The first thing anyone wanted to talk about was how I was doing with the heat off. Well I did have it off for a good month and a half BUT I had to turn it on last week..... I couldn't take it anymore! I was going stir crazy!!!! I was like Jack Nicholson in the Shining. Slowly going insane and saying REDRUM over and over again!!!!!! I had to turn it back on for the sanity of not only me but my family too.... I thank everyone for their support through this grueling trial of endurance but I felt I let you down in the end..... Spring also means yard work!!!! I need to spice up the front yard...... At this point I am not going to worry about the back.... I'm all about curb appeal!!! My parents tell me about that show all the time..... They say "Andy..... You won't believe what we saw on Curb Appeal last night! They transformed this house that looked like a place where drug deals go down into this beautiful, cozy bungalow that looks amazing from the street. You need to do that to your place." Sometimes I think that all problems in the world can be fixed by a home improvement show or Dr. Phil... At least my parents think so.....

OK! I drew up a sketch of what I want to do to the front yard.

As you can see. I'm a 32 year old man but I still write and draw like a 4th grader. Either way, I think you get the gist of what I want to do. The first thing that I am going to start is the drainage ditch that separates my yard and the street. It needs to be graded off so it looks better and water flows properly. Originally I planned on laying rip rap, the stuff that people but on the shores of their lake property, but that's pretty pricey. So I decided to lay some fast growing ivy instead. It should only take a few years for it cover it all. Here's a picture of the ditch.

I'm probably going to start tomorrow on getting it all graded off.... I don't have any heavy machinery to help. Although they are clearing the lot across the street and they are using a big old front shovel machines!?!?!? Maybe if I trade the guy a case of beer he will grade it off for me??? HMMMMMM Something to ponder tonight??? But if that doesn't work out then it will be me and a shovel..... Can you say 'pulled muscle'??? I have no doubt that it's going to be one hell of a workout! OH WELL!!! That's why there is Goodys pain powder and beer!!!!!! Talk to you later.


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