Sunday, July 08, 2012

I am truly sorry to the handful of people that read this for NOT posting this bright and early on the first
BUT I was still conducting the 'McBride World Tour 2012', I was in Johnstown, PA enjoying a cup of coffee when I typed this. Here are mostly the highlights and a (VERY FEW) low lights of the WORLD TOUR!!! Remember kids, you'll pay for the whole seat BUT only need the edge!

First stop: Mansfield, OH to see my 93 year old Grandma McBride, my Nana, and cousins.... Grandma is STILL very spunky, she lives in an assisted living complex but STILL is very independent although she is limited by her macular degeneration. Then I saw my Nana in a nursing home. All I can say is that the cycle of life SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!! I think it was hard for her to even know who I was. Did this upset me? I ask you, does a bear poop in the woods!?!?!?!?!!

After that emotional roller coaster, I spent that night at my cousin Chris's house.  I found some beer that I and everyone I asked, never heard of.. You kinda know it's bad when it's in between the Stroh's and Natural ICE!!

So you know, my father's family is VERY 'different' and I have ALWAYS had questions....... Some were answered. PLUS!!!! It may mean nothing to y'all BUT he gave me my Grandpa McBride's old license plate! I LOOOOOOOOOVE getting sentimental stuff!

The next day I drove up to Cleveland to Scott and Dustin's CASA!!! Scotty took me to the Rock'n'Roll Hall of Fame!

It was cool EVEN if it was $22 bucks to EFFing get in there!!!! TALK ABOUT BREAKING THE BANK!!!! Anyways, We were in the gift shop checking out the OVERPRICED shirts when I heard that Kim Monroe was broadcasting from there. I soooooooo worked with her during my 106.5 days. Needless to say, I was scared of her then and after 15 years, I am STILL scared of her so I didn't say anything to her....Scotty then took my all around Cleveland and I must say, I have NEVER seen more draw bridges in my life. Sorry, I had to let that out..... That evening consisted of us hanging out with some beer and wine. HA!! I even got my car washed! Scotty just stood up from the table and proceeded to wash it while Dustin and I just watched and drank more. Being 39, I SHOULD KNOW, to never mix beer and wine because the next day is NOT 'pleasant'.... I was NOT feeling too well the next day when I was going to BEER-PA-LOOZA 'version 3.0'. I stopped at my friend Scott's house in Erie, Pa..... He makes homemade beer and the plan was for me to have some BUT being I felt like 'walking death', I drank a cup of coffee and he gave me a bottle of his well crafted beer for a future time. UP NEXT was A-TOWN (Allegany, NY) for BEER-PA-LOOZA 'version 3.0'...... There were shirts made this year!

First off I want to apologize to everyone I saw because I was so sick and very mellow..... I was 'over served' the night before and I would have drank some more beer with ya if you didn't mind me puking on ya...... AS ALWAYS, it was great seeing everyone and THANKS for coming even though I felt like this guy.

The next week I stayed up in western N.Y just going down memory lane. One day I walked by our old house (I SWEAR IT DIDN'T LOOK LIKE SANFORD AND SON LIVED IN IT BACK THEN)

Almost everyday started with James and Connor, my cousin Jeff's sons,

and I chilling out watching Wild Kratts. Then I would lay around and drink some beers for the rest of the day. One day I went up to Buffalo for some Bills and Sabres gear AND have lunch with an old friend that I haven't seen in 24 years at the Anchor Bar.....  As always, I cleaned up some friend's and family's graves, went and picked out some paintings for something I can't talk about as of yet, by the young lady Anne Conroy-Baiter. HA!!! Her little girls are pretty funny too! They got their own blog!!!! Another day I went over to see my parent's old friends the Kocklers. Mrs. (Lynda) proceeded to tell me about being a virgin before she met Mr. (Steve), I then threw up a little in my mouth!!!! MY GOD!!! It's like when a 'BONER' commercial comes on when pops and I are watching football. EM-BARR-ASS-ING!!! I of course hit up Renna's pizza almost everyday for, DARE I SAY, the BEST pizza EVER!!!! MMMMMMMMMMMM MMMMMMMMMMMM GOOD!!!!!! KRIPES!!! It's so good, I even bought a shirt to proudly wear down here so I can hear true southerners TRY to pronounce it in their southern accent....

Next stop was the HUGE metropolis of Emporium, PA (PENNSATUKEY)

to hang out with my cousin Joe and his breast feeding NAZI wife! OH and the kids too! Michael, the youngest, won't even talk to me... Lia, the oldest, was too busy staying at her nana's talking about Twighlight with her AMAZONIAN cousin to hang out with me but my pal Ian was ALL about hanging out. How old is he? No idea but all I know is that the kid is old enough to drink with me!!!! MAN!!!! He can 'shotgun' a beer I tell ya!
The next stop took me to my friend Mike Carbonara's house in Johnstown.

As this ad will tell you, he can soooooooooo help you get the 5 years of unpaid child support that your lazy, no good, two timing, good for nothing, dead beat EX owes ya! HA!!!!  On my way down to the Boike/Mese farm, I stopped and took this picture. Two things came to mind: 1. Why are we NOT using more of this things? 2. There is diffidently a 'buzz' when they are going, so I can see people that live near one don't like them. 

After my little pit stop, I was off to the Boike/Mese farm in Marsall, VA. I planned to stay more than one day there but they had a bad storm that knocked out their power for almost 3 days but in that one day, He and I worked up quite a sweat. I drove his new John Deere

 and we collected bails of hay (BARLEY)... 

After being outside in 90+ degree heats, I went 'CAMPING' and took a shower on the front porch using one of these.

Don't laugh, They work quite well....... ANYWAYS, we then went to Fosters where Mo and Travis gave me a SWEET @SS hat!!!!

The final stop was the GAS HOUSE (Gastonia, NC) for a party at casa de papa Deibler for July 4th. Joelle and her EQUALLY hot sister ROCK CANDY (Amy), I call her that because she's HOT, STICKY and SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET,  hung out pool side and we talked about how rough a life is having to travel to Paris and Milan for photo shoots......

I say this EVERY YEAR BUT being this is my blog, YOU will have to read it AGAIN! I, Andy McBride, LOVE doing this!!!! Going to see family and old friends will ALWAYS trump going to some exotic place. That's all I got for you this month and AGAIN I am TRULY sorry to the very FEW people that read this for the 7 day delay!!! Oh and FYI, I’ll pee in a cup ANYTIME, ANYWHERE or ANY PLACE! I’ll pass with flying colors, you will too RIGHT!?!?!?


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