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I am truly sorry to the handful of people that read this for NOT posting this bright and early on the first
BUT I was still conducting the 'McBride World Tour 2012', I was in Johnstown, PA enjoying a cup of coffee when I typed this. Here are mostly the highlights and a (VERY FEW) low lights of the WORLD TOUR!!! Remember kids, you'll pay for the whole seat BUT only need the edge!

First stop: Mansfield, OH to see my 93 year old Grandma McBride, my Nana, and cousins.... Grandma is STILL very spunky, she lives in an assisted living complex but STILL is very independent although she is limited by her macular degeneration. Then I saw my Nana in a nursing home. All I can say is that the cycle of life SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!! I think it was hard for her to even know who I was. Did this upset me? I ask you, does a bear poop in the woods!?!?!?!?!!

After that emotional roller coaster, I spent that night at my cousin Chris's house.  I found some beer that I and everyone I asked, never h…