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When I worked at Wells Fargo and I handled subprime loans, the best example of my theory of that there are two types of people in the world: RENTERS and OWNERS, was unclogging a toilet. If you could handle the fact that YOU had to fix it NOT call a freakin' landlord than YOU could handle the whole 'homeowner thing'.

 I am not going to go 'FULL BLOWN T.M.I' on ya so I will just say that my eating habits have not changed but I STILL had to flush the toilet a few times when I....... SOOOOOOOOO I went under the house and 'snaked out' the pipe from the toilet to the septic tank, fyi- that sewer pipe STUUUUUUUNK! Then I took the toilet off and cleaned off the wax seal and replaced with this.

 I am happy to report that all is OKIE DOKIE now! It flushes like a champ now! My bowel movements and I am very happy with this! I am ecstatic I could share this with you.

In OTHER news:

  HA! But seriously, I do like trees even though my elderly neighbor asked me "yo…