Wednesday, March 01, 2017


 When I worked at Wells Fargo and I handled subprime loans, the best example of my theory of that there are two types of people in the world: RENTERS and OWNERS, was unclogging a toilet. If you could handle the fact that YOU had to fix it NOT call a freakin' landlord than YOU could handle the whole 'homeowner thing'.

 I am not going to go 'FULL BLOWN T.M.I' on ya so I will just say that my eating habits have not changed but I STILL had to flush the toilet a few times when I....... SOOOOOOOOO I went under the house and 'snaked out' the pipe from the toilet to the septic tank, fyi- that sewer pipe STUUUUUUUNK! Then I took the toilet off and cleaned off the wax seal and replaced with this.

 I am happy to report that all is OKIE DOKIE now! It flushes like a champ now! My bowel movements and I am very happy with this! I am ecstatic I could share this with you.

In OTHER news:

  HA! But seriously, I do like trees even though my elderly neighbor asked me "you don't like trees do you?". Let me rephrase that: I DO like trees BUT-
  • If a tree has the future potential to touch casa de McBride than I cut it down.1
  • If it is a smaller one that has no chance of growing, usually it sucks the nutrients from the bigger ones. Any arborist will tell ya, little JUNKY trees do not help the bigger ones keep healthy. They steal the water when it rains from the bigger ones..
  • OR it is a PINE or CEDAR TREE! Those are some weak trees when it comes to ice.
 I usually cut the tree down with my good ol' saz-all and cheap pruning blades for Harbor Freight.  They usually sit there until friends like Boike or Todd can come down and cut them up for me.

BOIKE using Marvella (My chainsaw) to show those logs who is boss

, HIM!

Todd cutting up some logs at
casa de McBride...

 I will have plenty of wood to burn in my newly installed wood stove AND DA B##B aka, fire pit. The only tree I DON'T burn is cedar. Why you ask, because the sap in the wood POPS A LOT when burned. The last thing you need is sparks from a POP coming at you when you are enjoying a good fire with, in my case, an N/A beer with friends. HECK, I will even burn the pine. You just need to let it age longer then the six months the article states for aging hard woods. SORRY to get all wood-NERDY on ya. Just remember this- cedar and treated wood =BAD, all other woods= GOOD to burn.

 I also made this, NOW I know why people are always talking about government waste! The crew that redid our road, just left this stuff MONTHS AGO! The pole is an old street and the boards are from an old construction sign. AGAIN! They left this stuff! 

The marker I have at the corner of my property,
 I got the idea for places and the miles to them
from an old TV show.

 Before I go for the month, I want to say THANKS to my parents! I was REALLY depressed about all kinds of stuff for a few days and they let me hang out with them. FYI- No matter how old ya are, parents are ALWAYS there for ya. ALSO Jen S. who told me that she actually "googles" my name each month to read my blog! I was flabbergasted by this and very thankful someone deems me important enough for them to actually work to find my blog.2

1. You NEVER want a branch from a tree touching your house because it can give a critter easy access. 
2. I send out an email to people on my account, notifying them to check out my blog. I noticed that her name was not on my list and so I asked her how she knows to look for it. She gave me the scoop.


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