Tuesday, August 01, 2017

K-A-L-E AND S-p-i-n-a-c-h

 That's right kids, I eat it with 99% of the stuff I make.....

 Do I LOVE it and I am excited as the fat kid above to eat it??? NO, BUT I do anyways because I have to eat vegetables every day, AT LEAST that's what EVERYONE says. I freeze it, put it in a blender and mix it in with what I am eating, mashed potatoes, rice, hamburger helper, ETC... KRIPES, I EVEN grow the stuff year round in my little garden (spring) or on the window sill in my kitchen (winter)...

Kale, I grow in my little garden.

  Any farmers, or wanna be's like Boike, might not agree with the way I grow it but it seems to work......So there you go and remember, I am not a farmer and have NEVER claimed to be, but I did look FINE on a tractor!!!
DANG!!!! Look at my arms! I was soooooooooo lookin' FINE!

 In other news, I have FINALLY finished my chimney so I don't get a huge cloud of smoke when the winds blowing and water from rain is not an issue.

SURE it might look "ghetto" but it will work just fine.

 And I downloaded and use Grammarly.com now. so there is no need for someone to proofread. I wanna thanks to Ms. Kate K. for ALWAYS proofreading my blog right before I was to post it. She did this for years!

Kate K and I have been rollin' since 1973!

Also, it might be the end of the line for my 1997 F-150. She is acting up with engine "ISSUES". Not sure what I might do with her yet. Details at a later date.  Talk to ya next month AND don't be that guy/gal that writes a check your @$$ can't cash!


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