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This is MY 'red neck' version of the 'squatty potty'. Try it out!!! You will be glad you did!!

 And this is what STP stands for.

GOOD LORD!!!! It's ABOUT time!!!

Not much going on, I TAKE THAT BACK. I have STUFF going on at casa de McBride BUT I am not ready to reveal that stuff yet...... I'm kind of in an emotional funk too because a guy that was my boss in the past left to go to a new position. Not gonna lie to ya, HE protected me, my mouth and EGO from the firing squad a few times. I KNOW certain people will be 'licking their chops' to make me suffer now that Jamie is gone. UPDATE! As of 1/23/15, the guy who I report to, has officially put me on written notice, That's WELLS talk for being two steps away from being canned. MAYBE it's time for me to move on... 13 years is long enough don't you think? Plus it's winter and it rains A LOT down here and these old bones don't like being cold AND wet. It flat out SUCKS! ANYWAYS, enough of me whining like a little girl, I FINALLY got confirmation that WIGS for KIDS got my donated hair. I ONLY donated it JUNE 30th!!!!!!

Hi, just a reminder that you're receiving …