Thursday, November 01, 2012

And today’s word is RECALCITRANT !!!

I can HONESTLY say that I have NEVER heard that word before but my sister-in-law's mother used it A LOT when raising her children!!! Now I am not one to ‘JUDGE’ but some people believe she is CO CO for Cocoa Puffs and I will neither confirm nor deny that, she is BUT I live for the stuff that comes out of her mouth!!!! DARE I SAY, SOLID EFFIN' GOLD!!! She is one of the wild and wacky characters at casa de Mike y Liz McBride... As all of you that have met my brother Mike know, we are like NIGHT and DAY!!!

He is very reserved and is very careful with what he says and does. I on the other hand, WELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL............. He is ALWAYS trying to give things away because he likes to 'organize' and he will find stuff and try to give it to Liz's brother Will, my cousin Fartin' Martin', any of his 14000+ follows on Twitter @McBride or me.... This is CLASSIC MIKE McBRIDE for ya and if you are friends with him, you will nod your head in agreement when I show you what that wild and wacky brother of mine did.

He gave me a can of cement sealer/paint. I used it to paint a section of my garage and when I opened it I found this!!!!!!!!! HA!!!!! He left the brush in there from when he used it, probably years ago!!!!!!!!! All I could say was OHHHHHHHHHHHHH MICHAEL!!!!!!

In my constant pursuit to always be prepared, I bought a generator. So the plan was ‘seeded’ in July when I went to Boike and Mese’s casa. They had a very BAD thunderstorm and they were without power for a few days. Boike and I discussed generators the day I was up there. I knew I needed one for ‘JUST IN CASE’ plus seeing Boike’s pale white @$$ showering on the front porch really helped me decide. A Honda one would be the ULTIMATE but for as little as you need one THOSE THINGS ARE LIKE $2k, WEEEEEEEEEEEL! I was in Aldi the other day doing some grocery shopping and I saw this!

Now FIRST OFF, it’s a name I have NEVER heard of BUT for $230 it was a chance I was willing to take, plus it is small and is really all I need to run my refrigerator and little A/C window unit is needed.... AGAIN!!! I don’t need a TOP OF THE LINE one, just something I can use for times that the power goes out and the last time that happened was like three years ago……

Let SEE, what else have I done????? Instead of going to my 20th class reunion (I'll tell ya why on 1/1/13), I worked on some trim in my bathroom, so that while pondering life on the throne I don't have to look at the old trim and say to myself "I should fix that"..... I also played out in the yard (that's what I call working out in the yard) and planted some grass in an area where it's ALWAYS a challenge to grow it!!! ALSO, I LOVE eating sunflower seeds when I am outside playing in the yard. Well a few days ago I was all ready to put a pinch of them in and start weed whacking. I keep them in a bag on the mustang….. WELL I go to get some and they are ALL shells!!!! A freakin’ mouse ate them all!! LITTLE B#ST#RD!!!! This fired me up so I set a trap for him with yummy peanut butter as bait….. The next morning after working out, I went out to the garage and YAHTZEE!! The trap worked and the little feller was deader than a door nail!!!! NOW! I’m still kinda fired up because I have to go to Dollar General and buy another bag!!! I ain’t made of $ ya know!!!
Installed a security camera for $#iT$ and giggles, Wanna see it???? Here's what it is aimed at


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