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And today’s word is RECALCITRANT !!!
I can HONESTLY say that I have NEVER heard that word before but my sister-in-law's mother used it A LOT when raising her children!!! Now I am not one to ‘JUDGE’ but some people believe she is CO CO for Cocoa Puffs and I will neither confirm nor deny that, she is BUT I live for the stuff that comes out of her mouth!!!! DARE I SAY, SOLID EFFIN' GOLD!!! She is one of the wild and wacky characters at casa de Mike y Liz McBride... As all of you that have met my brother Mikeknow, we are like NIGHT and DAY!!!

He is very reserved and is very careful with what he says and does. I on the other hand, WELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL............. He is ALWAYS trying to give things away because he likes to 'organize' and he will find stuff and try to give it to Liz's brother Will, my cousin Fartin' Martin', any of his 14000+ follows on Twitter @McBride or me.... This is CLASSIC MIKE McBRIDE for ya and if you are friends with him, you will nod your h…