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Delivering the GOODS!

This new part time gig I have is going good and I have A LOT of time to ponder. Here are just a few of my thoughts:

There is this gated community (GREAT tippers) off of a road named Possum Hollow Rd. I can only image the conversation between a resident there and his/her friend. Person 'A'- "Hey there! I have not seen you in like 20 years! We need to catch up! Can you come over to my place for dinner? Person 'B'- "that would be great, give me directions and my family and I will be there." Person 'A'- Well it's right off of Possum Hollow Rd. and NO it's not a trailer park!"I have made some deliveries to neighborhood pools and MAN! They are more than I remember! KRIPES, a slide and a diving board was what made your pool stand out from the others. Now they have water slides and all kinds of goodies. I rarely get an irate customer. Sure working with the public can suck but. All you have to do is ask them about their dog/cat that usually …