Saturday, July 01, 2017

Delivering the GOODS!

 This new part time gig I have is going good and I have A LOT of time to ponder. Here are just a few of my thoughts:

  1. There is this gated community (GREAT tippers) off of a road named Possum Hollow Rd. I can only image the conversation between a resident there and his/her friend. Person 'A'- "Hey there! I have not seen you in like 20 years! We need to catch up! Can you come over to my place for dinner? Person 'B'- "that would be great, give me directions and my family and I will be there." Person 'A'- Well it's right off of Possum Hollow Rd. and NO it's not a trailer park!"
  2. I have made some deliveries to neighborhood pools and MAN! They are more than I remember! KRIPES, a slide and a diving board was what made your pool stand out from the others. Now they have water slides and all kinds of goodies. 
  3. I rarely get an irate customer. Sure working with the public can suck but. All you have to do is ask them about their dog/cat that usually greets you at the door and if it's a lady, you just call her 'young lady' and they melt in your hands! Now I don't say I have a 100% rating with this method but it's 99.9%.
  4. WAZE!!! I recommend this for ALL! It has helped me out BIG TIME
  5. I am one of the very few at the pizzeria that do NOT smoke. MY GOD!?!? OH WELL! I'm all about FREEWILL. YOU and your actions CHOOSE your destiny.
 Sorry for another short entry and remember what JFK said, "Forgive your enemies BUT never forget their names."
 OH AND! Not sure where you ended up 'C' but the plastic surgeons in Mexico that gave you those 'stripper boobs and butt' will sorely miss you and your pay check.

See you next month.


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