Sunday, November 01, 2015


 Pretty sure it's all a P.R move so people stop thinking about this, but the folks at my power company, DUKE ENERGY, asked me if I wanted a FREE 'energy audit'. FYI- They had me at FREE!!! Plus, it was a great excuse for me to take off of work one Friday afternoon.

 So a guy comes to your house and basically checks it out for you. Crawl space, attic, and your actual living area AKA the inside of your freakin' house. After he checks it out, he sets up his computer on your kitchen table and asks a bunch of question regarding your energy consumption. Which I don't use too much anyway.... HELLO!!!! Single guys like me don't need too much power. Sorry about that little outburst, ANYWAYS, he suggests stuff that he observed that might help reduce my energy and he gave me some ideas that I can make future projects!!!! One of those projects was adding this stuff to the attic... So my cousin Chris came down and we spent about 2 hours up there until this happened...

  Don't worry, everyone is fine, It was just kinda scary to see my cousin hanging on a rafter for dear life so he didn't fall all the way down.... Needless to say we stopped doing that little project for the time being.... We installed a garbage disposal instead!!!! WOO HOO! Oh and we pruned a few trees for a future blog post I am currently working on.

 The other 'recommendation' took a whole 10 minutes to do.... You see, you need to seal everything because air will escape it. He suggested that I seal this up.....

 It's the air intake for my heat and AC unit that I haven't used in YEARS because the A/C part of it leaked all the Freon in it and I am TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO cheap to get a newer one. HA!!!!! Where was I? OH YEAH, SO I DID!

 The guy also gave me a box FREE energy efficient stuff!!!!! WOO HOO!!!! OH and for all you Republicans, AH HELL, anyone out there (FYI, I'm a not a huge fan of the CR@P he pulls either BUT facts are facts), those 'Obama phones' that were FREE, well, that's just a myth KIDS!!!!

 As you can see from this graph, I hardly use any power to begin with

BUT that is not enough for me! I WILL have a metal roof and then SOLAR panels (hopefully the ones they make in Buffalo, NY) installed so the big bad power company has to PAY ME!!!!

 WARNING! I'm about to give you MY OPINION and I'm an expert in it!!!!! HA!!!! The majority of people will NOT go 'green' until it's cheaper for them and they can see the affect. It's like that with ANYTHING in our lives. Whether it's our health, financial OR ANYTHING, if we DON'T see a result, sooner than later, we STOP doing it and revert back. An example of this is, back in the early 80s, my step grandpa Russ made a decision to install a solar heating system on his roof. So you know, It was NOT as 'advanced' looking like the one I made a link to. It was the early 80's!!! HELLO!!!! It was just a bunch of PVC pipes painted black... Not too fancy BUT he did it because he saw that he could save money and yes, it was very cheap because he built and installed it himself.... I'm not sure if he saved A LOT of money doing this but I do know that my cousin told me about the day Russ got the power bill. He was all excited but when he saw the amount he was 'saving', he said "That's it?". I think he was wasting more power just pumping the water up to his gizmo. So I don't think he used it too much after that.

 OKIE DOKIE!!!! It's safe now because I am off my soapbox!

 All this rambling about using new energy sources and stuff pays, you ready for this? $34 a month for electricity! HA!! 99% of you will be like "AHHHHH HELL WTF! I pay that much just to power my house for a freakin day!" Anyway, have a great month and I leave you with your moment of zen!!! ENJOY a guy in a t-rex suit doing American Ninja obstacles!!!!

 Oh and I will say it AGAIN!!!! KIDS, make sure you have your F.U1./Emergency fund ready because a storm is coming AND is getting STRONGER by ther day! ..... Some CLOWNS, actually it's just one, we work with will TRY to spin it and say that "As long as we are the best at what we do then we will be fine". AHHHHHHH NO BUDDY!!! That's NOT how it works tool! We are #'s and cost $ and if that is too much then we will be cut loose.... I've been there 13 years and have seen my share of this!!! Heck I have been laid off myself twice..... WOO HOO!!! Corporate America RULLLLES!!!!!!!

1. A lady that I sit next to told me that her dad told her "have your F.U fund ALWAYS ready and have atleast 6 months of expenses". So I thought that was a great name for an 'emergency' fund and that is what I named mine.


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