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Pretty sure it's all a P.R move so people stop thinking about this, but the folks at my power company, DUKE ENERGY, asked me if I wanted a FREE 'energy audit'. FYI- They had me at FREE!!! Plus, it was a great excuse for me to take off of work one Friday afternoon.

 So a guy comes to your house and basically checks it out for you. Crawl space, attic, and your actual living area AKA the inside of your freakin' house. After he checks it out, he sets up his computer on your kitchen table and asks a bunch of question regarding your energy consumption. Which I don't use too much anyway.... HELLO!!!! Single guys like me don't need too much power. Sorry about that little outburst, ANYWAYS, he suggests stuff that he observed that might help reduce my energy and he gave me some ideas that I can make future projects!!!! One of those projects was adding this stuff to the attic... So my cousin Chris came down and we spent about 2 hours up there until this happened...