Tuesday, November 01, 2011


If you (actually read my blog) last month, you knew that I caught a nasty head cold and didn't finish them.Well I did MORE but I didn't finish them and the more you read, the more you will know why.  Now the 'Andy homeowner tip # 144': A little pressure washer (1600 PSI) is a MUST!! It's great for cleaning and other stuff.....

I would like to thank Gary Singer for showing me how to prep a surface before you paint it. Cars/steps, same thing right?? And this is all I have done.....

I STILL need to get wood for the steps and put the railings back BUT I haven't and this is why, FIRST OFF, this is a great example of cause/effect...
Here we go, READY?? The saga began when I had to have my roof replaced in the summer, I have a truck full of old roofing, I live not too far from a dump/recycling center. WELL!!! One of the attendants (I affectionately call him 'SMOKE STACK' because he is quite the smoker) there told me that as long as I only unload a 'wheel barrel' of shingles that they are cool with it. SOOOOOOOO every time I went to the dump I unload some shingles. I'm in no rush, KRIPES! They are in the back of a truck I HARDLY drive.... WHOOPY RIGHT!?!?!?!

Well a few weeks ago another attendant who is freakin Wilford Brimley's twin!!! Yell's at me "HEY WE DON'T ACCEPT ROOFING SHINGLES AND FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, EAT YOUR OATMEAL"!!! Kidding about the oatmeal part. After a HEATED exchange of words, I STILL have a load of CRAPPY shingles. SOOOOOOOOOO, Plan 'B' consists of me HOPING the truck (the fuel pump is about to stop working) can go about 15 miles to the Mecklenburg County one and PAY to have it all dumped out! SON OF A!! I HATE spending money! So to recap, the steps are not done because:
  • I can't get the wood until I empty out the shingles
  • The dump is only open when I am at work
  • The fuel pump on the truck is about to stop working.
  • Not liking the whole 'SPENDING $' thing.
Yeap, I'm sooooooooooooooooo dragging my feet on this BUT there are other things going on too... LIKE:

No I ain't dying, quit being so morbid, but I cleaned out a closet and found quite a few items that I have kept for years. Mostly NASCAR, stuff from when I worked in radio, beer advertisements and other goodies. Some of it I just put back in the closet, gave to friends, took to the metal scrap yard for $ (That's what HICKS do) or put on Craig's List.

Hey, I have about 6 of these Richard Petty posters and if ya want one then I will send it to you. KRIPES! I might even frame it for ya! Big Lots has frames on sale this week!!! WOO HOO!!!

Here's the rules:
  1. I MUST like you!
  2. You pay for shipping and handling.
  3. You answer: what TV show and episode was Randy Watson the police officer in?
I added to my 'Anne Conroy-Baiter' collection, I bought a painting of hers a couple years ago and I just got this one.

I asked her if she had any 'dogs playing poker' and I am sure she rolled her eyes when telling me "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH NO." So I went with 'option 2', it's Main St. in Allegany, NY. My cousin Jeff Margeson is an artist too and is painting a self portrait of him in a clown suit! I sooooooooo cannot wait to put that up..... Not sure which room I'll put it in yet......

AND now the continuing saga of 'I might be a red neck but I don't want the inside of my house to look like I am one'. There is UMMMMM not sure what you call it but it's a closet right above the air conditioning/ heat inlet and it needed some fixing up. This is due to when they built the house they put a freakin' door knob on it. As a former co worker, she is putting the final touches on the apocalypses, would say "this was UNACCEPTABLE and needed to be corrected right away!!!!" So with some paint my brother gave me, an extra handle and some caulk I bought from Big Lots, I got the JOB done!!! What do you think??

So if you, I know ya are, asking yourself "where in the 'WIDE WORLD of SPORTS' does Andy get his ideas of saving money?" WELL I give you 'exhibit 'D': this is my aunt Nancy and my uncle Jim. To save money, probably because they didn't have any, she wore my mom's wedding dress and their FREAKIN' reception was at my grandpa and grandma's house!!! HA!!! They cut their wedding cake on my grandma's kitchen table!!!! Oh and FYI, it's still there....

This is BY FAR is one of the best pictures EVER!!!!!! AND If you were wondering, this was back in 1973 and they were married until Jimmy left us in 2000 and produced 3 kids, 2 out of the 3 are good guys, the third well you decide!?!?!?!..... So the moral of the story is spending 'CHO CHO for CO CO PUFFS' amounts of $ for a wedding does NOT mean it will assure you a long one.......

I am SOOOOOOOOOOOO delayed in this BUT I got some new neighbors. They moved in June. YEAP way delayed I know. After being told 6 years ago from Greg and Donna, the previous owners "we are going to put up our house for sale." They did it this previous summer and it sold. I haven't met them but I'm betting that he likes to drink beer just like I do so I'm pretty sure we will get along just fine.
    Let's see, what else happened?? OH! My wild and wacky sister-in-law AND THE BEST ONE EVVVVVVVVER turned ummmmmmmmmmmmmm 26... When I say 26 I mean 40! WOO HOO!!! Mike, my brother, had a party for her. I was invited because they had to fill the RED NECK quota and my brother knew that I would GLADLY take the leftover beer. I went wearing my SWEET overalls so Mike and Liz's friends would say "OMG! Who's that simpleton in the overalls?" and Mike would have to say as he rolls his eyes, 'That's Andy my brother."

     That's all for this month and I'm sorry if there are misspelled words or HUGE grammatical errors but my proof reader was not available. Probably because she was busy getting her kids ready to 'trick or treat'.


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