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So the journey begins in 1987... I was a MEASLY little 7th grader and Mike, my older brother was in 11th. Much to my mom's 'disappointment', he started hanging out with Dave. You see, Mom taught CCD (Religion) and Dave was, to put it lightly, 'disruptive'... I remember her coming home and talking about this kid named Dave who was a HELLION! Where was I?? OH YEAH!!! So my brother starting hanging out with Dave and other older kids like Todd Hopkins and they started to allow me to hang out with them. 

I think it was a ‘let’s try to corrupt Mike’s little brother to really RILE UP Mrs. McBride' who they affectionately called ‘Catholic Kate’!!! HA!!! I still use that name, just check out older posts in my blog and it’s plastered all over it when I talk about my mom. Hanging out with the OLDER KIDS was great!!! I was a COOL kid because I HUNG OUT WITH OLDER, COOL ONES!!!! He and the others taught me the finer things in life: like how to tap a keg, how to properly pour…