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I just got a new phone and I can 'text' someone like a 12 year old! SUPER FAST!!!!! WOO HOO!!! Here's proof. I'm texting my friend and it only took 20 secs.......

Which is a HUGE improvement from my old phone where it took 20 MINUTES!

I also got a PLASTIC shed! My Pops is so proud that he raised one of his sons to share is love for the stuff!

The 30+ years at Hysol-Dexter-Alpha-Henkel and the rest of the name changes every time they were bought out, were worth it. Not only did he get a SWEET retirement package but a son with the love of plastic! So with that homeless hitchhiker I picked up a few months ago, he just won't leave, we put the thing together.

Not much else going on at casa de McBride but I'm happy to report that I have all my hair, no babies daddy, money in the bank, a job, no crazy ex stilled pissed I got the family room couch in the divorce and finally, all of my teeth. I'd say life is pretty good......