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Dare I say, it's too much of a good thing in the SUN room........

At casa de McBride, I have a back room that I usually hang out in because it has lots of windows and I have direct access to get WIFI that my neighbor's have and gave me the password to!!! WOO HOO!!!! FREE RULES!! Here is what it was and I placed 'bullet points' for each thing I and others did.

 March 1, 2016 The first thing I did was replace the ceiling fan. My friend Scott S. helped do that. 
March 1, 2016 Then we also started taking the stupid 'popcorn' off the ceiling. I think EVERY house built in the 80s and 90s, mine was built in 1997, had this CRAP.
 May 1, 2016 After consulting with many females, I painted it GRAY, it's actually called 'DARK ASH'. My cousin Chris calls it 'boiler room gray' HA!!  May 9th, 2016 Ripped out the carpet.
 May 12, 2016 Secured a mount for the where a TV will go eventually.
 May 15, 2016 My neighbor Jimmy came over and showed me how to make sure the ceiling is all smooth to paint.
May 15, 2016 He helped cut a hole …