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10 years of having my own roof over my head!!!!!

I bought it in July of 2005 but my newly retired parents and I did some TLC (new paint and carpet) while it was empty. I actually moved into it on Labor Day weekend, Sept 2005. Oh and blogged about it too!! I'm too lazy to recap how I got it BUT that is why I blogged then so I can just give you a link to it and you can read all about it!!! That right there is called a 'WIN/WIN' situation! I don't have to repeat myself and YOU can just take your mouse and click on the link and YAHTZEE! 1.

What will he next ten years bring you ask? I can say without doubt that it WILL be paid off and I am sooooooooooooooooooooo going to have a MORTGAGE PARTY (don't know what one of …