Sunday, January 10, 2010

I've seen the top of the mountain AND it is good!!!!!!!!!

The circle is almost complete!!!!!! At this rate I'll NEVER have to leave L-Town, Lancaster, for my shopping EVER!!!!! Big Lots, Walmart, Dollar General, ALDI, and Bojangles to dine at after all of my shopping! HEY!!!!! The buffalo bites I get there, more than likely, are left over pieces of chicken from other stuff that has been on the floor for a 1/2 hour and covered in BBQ sauce but DAAAAAAANG they are GOOOOOOOOOOOD! What more could a guy want!?!?!?! The only missing piece to the puzzle is Olive Garden or Red Lobster! That way I can take some chick that works at the Duracell plant and 'wine and dine' her with some fine dining and a bottle of Riunte ON ICE!

I hope Christmas was good to you. For the 36 straight year I asked for WORLD DOMINATION but instead I got some new ceiling fans.......... So I can continue with 'operation to replace all the "HEY!!! I like to think I'm rich" gold' with stuff that fits in the decor of the 21st century.....

The old ones I installed in the two spare bedrooms so the next time y'all come over to casa de McBride there will be 'circulating' air in your bedroom!!!! So you can quit whining that my central air isn't on and it's hotter than the hubs of hell in there! Central air costs money ya know and the last time I checked the bill from Duke Energy has ROBERT A. McBRIDE on it not yours!!!

Let's see!?!?! I also got some gift cards for the greatest store EVER, Big Lots! So I will be able to bust out the gift card for all of my cleaning products for the next two years. WOO HOO!!

I'm going to bring this up because I believe that this 'issue' has the potential to pit two brothers against each other much like the Civil War did. Just kidding, It's not that huge of a deal or is it?

The fine people of the jury. I want you to look and examine EXHIBIT "A". Look to the right of the page and see under Followers (2). My brother and I are followers of Boike's sorry @$$ blog. Now I want you to study EXHIBIT "B" . Look to the right of the page and you will see I have NO FREAKIN' follows of my BLOG!!!! WHAT THE!!!!! Not only do I not have any followers, BUT my BROTHER is a follower of Boike's!!!! MY BROTHER FOR CHRIST SAKES!!!! DUDE!??!?!? Why don't you kick my dog while you're at it? I don't have a dog but you get what ya know what I'm sayin'....


As of 11:24 AM Sunday 1-10-2010, after reading my 'ISSUE', I am happy to report that he, my brother, is a follower of my blog!!!! A little 'Catholic guilt' never hurt!!! KRIPES!!! He even left a comment on here too!!!!!!! That a boy Michael!!!!! Your younger brother is sooooooooooooo proud of you even though you didn't get me that Joe Cribb's jersey from 82 for Christmas!

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