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I've seen the top of the mountain AND it is good!!!!!!!!!

The circle is almost complete!!!!!! At this rate I'll NEVER have to leave L-Town, Lancaster, for my shopping EVER!!!!! Big Lots, Walmart, Dollar General, ALDI, and Bojangles to dine at after all of my shopping! HEY!!!!! The buffalo bites I get there, more than likely, are left over pieces of chicken from other stuff that has been on the floor for a 1/2 hour and covered in BBQ sauce but DAAAAAAANG they are GOOOOOOOOOOOD! What more could a guy want!?!?!?! The only missing piece to the puzzle is Olive Garden or Red Lobster! That way I can take some chick that works at the Duracell plant and 'wine and dine' her with some fine dining and a bottle of Riunte ON ICE!

I hope Christmas was good to you. For the 36 straight year I asked for WORLD DOMINATION but instead I got some new ceiling fans.......... So I can continue with 'operation to replace all the "HEY!!! I like to think I'm rich" gold' with s…