Friday, April 01, 2016

I need to learn the word 'PACE'.....

 With ALL this free time, I am getting a bunch of stuff at casa de McBride done BUT I need to realize that I don't need to do EVERYTHING in a few weeks...  KRIPES! I have almost 8 months to do it!!!!

 Here is my daily routine:
  • Get up at 6-7am... Sorry folks, I can't sleep past then...
  • Stretch and do some yoga OH AND some ball exercises I learned in REHAB.
  • Go for a 1.2 mile walk while listening to my P.T.I podcast
  • Eat my bagel and a bowl of Cheerios
  • Read some stuff on the W.W.W., usually it's news and sports stuff, with my cup of coffee.
  • While doing all of this, I ponder what I want to get into that day.
  • Depending on the weather, I dress accordingly.
  • Work on whatever I think I need to work on that day
  • Make some lunch and 'marinate' in front of the computer and read some ,usually, pretty funny statuses on Twitter.
  • Go back to what I was working on.
  • Take my afternoon nap around 2ish.
  • wake up and do some more on what I am working on. 
  • make some dinner.
  • ponder 'what will I do the next day?'
  • Go to bed...
 Even with this routine, I STILL get down about not having a job to go to BUT Boike put it all in perspective for me. "How exactly does it 'stink' you're getting paid, you don't have to work, and you did not even LIKE your job! You just hit the win trifecta here feller!" LET me add that I LOATHED my 'plastic' (FAKE) boss as well..... So I am 'Kool And The Gang' with it all!!!

 I kinda just 'piddle' around and do stuff like paint the brick around my patio

unless Scott S. an ol' buddy from A-TOWN (Allegany),

 who is currently jobless too, comes down and helps me do stuff like cut trees down, scrape the dang 'popcorn' off my ceilings, put up a new fan (I'm redoing the back room), paint or just anything!!! We work on stuff, take a coffee break and talk about old times then do some more work. It's like we are UNION WORKERS!!! HA!!!!

 I also helped my dad with a project.

Is that a 'PLEDGE PIN' on your uniform???

 If you don't get that, then click here..... HA!!!! ANYWAYS!!! He and I tend to 'disagree' on how projects we are working on together go.... I know this will make 95% of you say that I am going to hell for what I do, but I kinda like saying stuff that will set him off..... We feed off on each other and eventually get the job done. Not gonna lie to ya, I have been looking forward to 'yell-pa-looza 2016' since he sent me an email asking if I wanted to help him.

 This is what we worked on. A pathway to a bench in the back yard that my father says is "a place no one sits but your mother bought these pavers for me to put in" HA!!!!! TOO FUNNY!!!!! Well, we did it and there were things that came up that we disagreed on BUT as a good son, I just did what he said and kept my mouth shut.... BUT if you see him ask why he didn't put any sand down FIRST before putting the pavers in.....


  After a few hours of 'discussing' how to do it, this is the final result...

 Don't get me wrong about BIG Ron and I. WE come to the same conclusion eventually, but in between, we sort of butt heads. He has taught me quite a few things. Heck just a few weeks ago, Scott S. and I were putting up that ceiling fan I was telling you about earlier and I started to wire it. He asked me a bunch of questions about the wires. I told him what the colors mean. He asked me how I knew that and I said that "POPS told me that and always showed me what went where." I can give you thousands of times that I have said "I learned that from my dad".

 And in the 'AH HELL, WHY NOT?" department, I decided the day of the concert to go see Joe Satriani. It's been almost 30 years since I saw this album cover in Dave Donavan's (RIP) room.

I think it's ABOUT time I finally went and saw him, DON'T YOU THINK?

 Finally, I will no get 'political' too much on ya, HECK, I will leave that up to the rest of the INTERNET... I will only leave you with this....

 Have a great month you knuckle heads...


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