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“The McBride World Tour- Summer leg” is complete THANK YOU, WE LOVE YOU and be safe driving home! In all, It was about 1525 miles from start to finish and I had a blast at every stop. Let's begin, shall we?First stop was Mansfield, OH where I hung out with Grandma McBride....The other person in the picture is Sue, AND GOD LOVE HER! She is such a big help with grandma, She's soooooooo going to Heaven....... You heard it here first.
Then had lunch and a beer or two with my Nana, she's 91 so I really don't blame her for not getting out of her chair the whole time I was there.And the other person is Carol Jo who ROCKS too! She helps out Nana!!!! WOO HOO!!!!
Next stop was Allegany, NY, where I'm originally from. I was lucky enough to have an old friend, Kara, color my hair JET BLACK!
I have NEVER done something like that before,Like the nacho cheese on the side of my mouth? It was in 95 degree heat for three hours BUT it still was yummy in my tummy! ANYWAYS, I have bee…