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There are not too many things I am good at but RILING UP my father is something I EXCEL at! A great example of this is 'project front porch'. Let's set it up shall we: The front porch needed to be painted and a few other things so about 5 months ago I started 'prepping' it by taking a pressure washer to it and started stripping the old paint.

AGAIN! I am NEVER in a rush to do anything…… My thinking is, ‘It will it get done, It may not be today or tomorrow but, AS GOD AS MY WITNESS, it will get done…..’ OK back to the story, So one day when we were all at casa de PAPA/MAMA McBride, my brother, who’s never had an item that he hasn’t TRIED to give to someone, mentioned that the workers left a couple 5 gallon buckets of white paint from when he had a CHUCK E CHEESE put in his house and if I wanted them…..

I think my exact words were “H to the E to the double L YEAH!”. Ya gotta spell certain words out when there are ‘little ears’ around. I…