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'HAPPY whatever doesn't offend you'!!! Version II

Welcome to the 2nd annual... Because I like MOST of you, I'm here to give you some knowledge about finance, computers, cars and a few things in between so YOU can have a net worth of $1 MILLION DOLLARS like me! HA!!!!!! KIDDING OR AM I!?!??!!? You decide............. SO YOU KNOW, being this is the 2nd edition, I add links as I think about them throughout the year and they are in RED!
The majority of stuff I am about to give you is FREE and info that I think will help you out! WOO HOO!!!

FINANCE: It's a great way to MANAGE your finances. It downloads all of your bank and loan accounts. give your credit score ###### NOW IT'S NOT YOUR TRUE FICO SCORE BUT IT'S CLOSE AND GIVES YOU A 'BALL PARK' FIGURE!###### -It's your RIGHT as an AMERICAN CITIZEN to be able to pull your credit report each year FOR FREE!!!! DO IT and check …


 It's how I roll! 

The last two months have either consisted of me whining or giving you wayyyyyyyyyy too much info about me. SO ENOUGH of that crap!! It's time to get back to basics and to what this blog was originally created for. HA! Isn't that what EVERY band says when they are on the 'downward spiral' of their careers? ANYWAYS, let the 'projects' ROLL! Usually on a Friday Boike (DANG RIGHT WE MADE UP!!! My cousin Christine sent me a cool email pretty much saying that love, no matter what kind, is stronger than pride) will ask me what I have planned for the weekend. Nine out of ten times, I say "Nothing in particular just piddling." HA!!! No I am not a 75 year old man, I just work on many things instead of just one..... 

*********** Now as you can tell by the pictures, I take my time with working on stuff!********** I did this in the spring. New stone edging I got at Lowes because it was on clearance! HA!!!!!!!!

After 5 years of my mother bug…


****** I wrote the following in April and being that some people do not want to be identified in this then each person will be referred to as 'person 'A' and person 'B' BUT you have to be one of the dumbest people EVVVVVER not to know how they are.....****** So everyone knows now, and frankly I could give an EFF if you don't, BECAUSE THEY WERE A HUGE PART OF MY LIFE!!!!! Anyways, after a very long time, person 'A' and person 'B' are no more. When all this was told to me, I talked to another friend about it and I will NEVER forget this person asking "McBride why are you so upset?" OH I DON'T KNOW, MAYBE BECAUSE I FELT LIKE THEIR EFFING KID!! What they, said I did! KRIPES!! They could of have told me to jump and I would ask “how high?”. EVERY aspect of my life since college was ALWAYS ran by them first…. From “hey y’all, what do you think of this back splash, tile for the kitchen?” “Do you think, the next time I am there, we can go g…

NANAFEST 2013!!!!

It’s NANAFEST 2013!!!! Comin’ attcha like one of Joann's marriages!!!! HA!!!!! YEAH I SAID IT! These are the pictures and misc. stuff that ‘Catholic Kate’ AKA mother got from the Nana estate which also included a Tappan microwave that could fetch $2 on Ebay. OH NELLY!!!!!!!! Because I am feeling FEISTY, I don't have some people's email (I'd rather be waterboarded then have it) so feel free to give them the link…..You are thinking, that I am a self righteous, smart @$$ and I say to you, I am Nana’s grandson so the apple didn’t fall far from the tree did it!?!?!?! 
******** ATTENTION!********* Nana didn't label most of the pictures so DON'T get all riled up because I didn't mark what the picture is of. OKIE DOKIE? If you want the picture EMAIL MOTHER AKA KATE McBRIDE NOT ME!!!!!Sorry it took so long but Nana SAVED EVERYTHING and I could only scan one picture at a time.ENOUGH OF ME!!! Sit back with your can of Michelob beer and enjoy...
Anna Jane Pagnard 1920s?…